Spring Break

20 03 2008

We’re off to Maryland and DC for Spring Break! Couldn’t just have a fun trip right? Education… visiting family… and some fun too…

J is going to do a project– a video of his trip to share with his class… grandparents and if you’re lucky; you too… We’ll see if I can figure out how to upload it.

Anyway, I may not write much for the week but don’t worry Darcy 🙂 we’ll be back soon.

J the tourist

Happy Spring!


Girls Don’t Have Winkies

19 03 2008

J had been watching Veggie Tales and playing with his pirate ships when he came into the kitchen and said “Mom, can I see your winkie?”

“I don’t have one. Girls don’t have winkies.” He looked at me for a minute and then reached to pull up my shirt. I backed off a little and told him again: “I don’t have a winkie.” “Girls don’t have winkies?” “Nope. Girls don’t have winkies.”

He looked at me for a long moment before asking; “What ‘cha got?”

“What do you want for dinner?”


18 03 2008

I’m angry. So, please indulge my ranting… 

I’ve been working to clear the clutter out of our home and until recently have had a good experience on EBay… actually made a lot of money. Now, I’m running into problems with sellers who don’t send stuff (POMARIC) after the receive the payment and buyers who pay through Paypal and leave great feedback THEN Paypal does a review of the payment and decides the person wasn’t authorized to use that account or credit card and POOF I’m out the item, shipping and fees. (JFLORES70)

 So, the bottom line– if I choose to continue selling on Ebay I’m going to have to increase my “handling charges” to cover the extra things I need to protect myself from evil buyers– like delivery confirmation and insurance in addition to the fees that Paypal and EBay charge for using their services/sites.

EBay used to be fun. I bought and sold on EBay off and on for years without any problems but now there are too many people who are taking advantage of the system– and, the community– that it’s just not safe to buy or sell.

Not sure if I’ll keep doing it or not… At least when you have a yard sale you can do it all in cash and don’t have to monkey around with shipping.

Ebay-ers Beware of Pomaric and JFlores70

Thinking About Uncle Stan

18 03 2008

With Luke on American Idol (he was voted off last week… guess I didn’t vote enough while I had the flu…) I’ve been thinking about family members who I haven’t thought about very often or seen in many years. Uncle Stan in particular. He was my great uncle and passed away more than a decade ago.

Uncle Stan was a gentle, soft spoken man who gave great hugs and had a wonderful contagious smile.

One Spring Break in college, a friend and I drove to Florida and spent the week with my grandparents. My grandparents took us to Homossassa Springs attraction with my great uncle and aunt where they have a petting zoo and take you out to see the manatees.

I don’t remember a lot of details– it was many moons ago– but, I do remember sitting on a bench and talking to Uncle Stan.  He was genuinely interested in me. He wanted to know about my life and interests. He was a very kind man and I miss him.

There is a word in Portugues that just doesn’t transulate into English– Saudade. It means to miss someone/place but much more. Saudade doesn’t refer to a thing you’ve misplaced– it infers a longing, even an ache.  Saudade has a wish attached– I wish I could be there, see that person, return to that time. I feel Saudade for Uncle Stan. 

He would be so proud of his grandchildren and their accomplishments. I wish I’d known him better. I wish I still had that chance.

Back By Popular Demand

18 03 2008

J’s eyes are back by popular demand… You win, Girl Friends! 🙂


17 03 2008

I’ve had the same look since I started my blog– so here’s for a change… not sure if I like it so the old may be returning.  What do you think?

J Is Finally Sleeping In His Own Bed– ALL NIGHT!

16 03 2008

Maybe it’s a miracle of Daytrana (the ADD patch he’s on now) or maybe he’s finally buying into the “You’re too big to sleep with us” that we have been feeding him a constant diet of for the last three or four… five years…  but he’s slept in his own bed, in his own room, with his own pillows, blankets, toys and jammies for the past week.

It was never our intention for him to sleep with us. But, as soon as J was mobile enough to ditch his crib he has been climbing into bed with us in the middle of the night. When we up-sized to a California king it was tolerable… until the beagle started sleeping with us… then, the hot flashes began and it was too crowded! Too hot! Too… unbearable!

But now that J has bought into being a “Big Boy” it’s gotten kinda lonely… When his Dad isn’t home yet at bedtime and the beagle is planted at the foot of the bed it’s just lonely… a few nights ago J closed his door, turned off the light and climbed in bed all by himself before I had even put the toothpaste away…

I know that kids grow up. I know that eight is way too old to be sleeping with us. I know I’ll get used to it but I miss falling back to sleep with J’s fingers snagged in my hair…