408 Candidates Running for President

15 01 2008

Did you know that there are actually 408 people who have registered to enter the Presidential Race?


Party Principal
Count Total Receipts Count Total Receipts
Major Parties
Democratic 11 $246,414,629 80 $32,937
Republican 12 $174,342,761 95 $326,087
Major Third Parties
Green     12 $8,316
Libertarian     16 $159,396
Reform     2 $400
Other Third Parties
American Independent     4  
American     1  
Constitution     3  
Independent American     2  
Peace And Freedom     2  
Personal Choice     1  
Prohibition Party     2  
Socialist Party USA     13  
Socialist Workers Party     1  
United Citizens     1  
Independent     88 $230,037
No Party Affiliation     18 $21,620
Unaffiliated     15  
Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable
Not readily classifiable     28 $27,360
Write-in     1  
Subtotal 23 $420,757,390 385 $806,153
Grand Total: 408 candidates, $421,563,543 total receipts

 According to “Green Papers” (see link above) all you have to do is come up with the cash in order to be a Presidential Candidate– as we learned from Colbert;  the cash isn’t enough… the Party has to accept you… although there are plenty of Independents on board here who, from what I understand only have to come up with the cash.

I’m not so naive as to believe that a Presidential race can be won without a lot (a Whole Lot) of money but isn’t it unfortunate that it’s the first requirement?  I wonder how much Abraham Lincoln spent on his campaign… Those train rides must have cost something… and, obviously he didn’t have the option of spending millions on TV ads.

So… what’s my point? Are any of the candidates true representatives of the population? (Edwards comes from a middle class background– do any of the other forerunners?) They must be privileged, well connected and well… loaded in order to pull this off.  How can we expect any of them to represent us– the average person– when they can’t relate to our very real concerns?

Maybe we should look at some of these other candidates– for instance who is  Jon Greenspon?

Jon Adam Greenspon of California
FEC id: P80004351. Total receipts: $400
Declaration of Intent of Candidacy: Thursday 24 May 2007
Campaign website: http://www.greenspon2008.com/
Filed with the FEC as a Reform party candidate 24 May 2007. Refiled as an Independent circa 1 August 2007.
Address: 25576 3rd; Barstow, California 92311

I’m not suggesting that this man (who I randomly pulled out of the list) is a viable candidate.  But, he is a real person from a middle class background as are many of the other 350 plus candidates the mainstream media has never mentioned. (I wonder what would happen if the 24 hour pseudo news channels started talking about these other candidates…)

It seems as though the parties– and their constituents are so divided– maybe we should take a look at these other people… there might be a real gem in the bunch that we could get excited about.


What I Want To See In Any Candidate’s Autism Plan

9 01 2008

So far I’ve only found an Autism Plan from the Clinton camp. It’s pretty vague… Good points but no real punch.

While health insurance is important for all of us– whether dealing with Autism or not– the policies we have available to us don’t cover the extras we need to help our kids over the proverbial Autism hump– speech therapy, occupational therapy, special foods, fences and other safety devices, trampolines… While there are programs and grants too many of us fall above the financial cut off line yet can’t afford these extras on our own. The middle class is as touched by Autism as the rest of the economic groups but we are shut out.

A year or so ago we tried to get our son on SSI. We tried to get a subsidised or free summer camp program. We talked to Social Services, the Board of Education and even the United Way– nothing. We make too much but not enough.

I want to see an Autism Plan that includes the extras with a reasonable financial cut off to qualify. People who can’t walk can get wheel chairs from their insurance companies– why can’t people who can’t talk get speech therapy?

While the idea of all of America getting a plan comparable to that of the US Senate without the salaries they receive we still can’t do what our children need.