Why Vote For John Boccieri?

2 11 2010

John Boccieri can tell you eloquently why you should vote for him in Ohio’s 16th District so, let me tell you why I voted for him.

Boccieri gets it. He’s a fiscal conservative who voted against healthcare reform’s first version because it was financially irresponsible. He voted for the second version because it had been revised/improved so that it will save tax payers money and assures that abortions will not be Federally funded. His vote FOR healthcare reform gave my son insurance. He has autism (a previously deniable pre-existing condition) and was on Medicaid. Now, you aren’t footing the bill for my son’s healthcare– I am. In a tiny little way, my family is proof of savings to taxpayers.

I’ve met him and know him to be genuine– not some slick politician. He looks you in the eye while he’s listening to what you have to say and is sincere with what he can or can’t do– what he’ll try to do– what goes against his grain…

John Boccieri is a dad. He understands parents who want what’s best for our kids– better for our kids…  He wants the same for his kids that we want for ours… and, he’s willing to do politically unpopular things to get that done.

I don’t agree with every vote he’s cast– any more than I agree with everything my husband does– but, I’m not going to ditch either. I voted for Boccieri because I really believe that he represents me– and, he’s able to do so because he listens to what I have to say…

Vote today. We are responsible for electing people who represent us– not people who we tolerate because we’re mad at the other guy. Vote today. Vote for the best person, the most genuine, the one like you. I believe that’s John Boccieri and he has my vote.


My Pledge to America

24 09 2010

Democrats, Independents and Sane People of the United States– it’s time to get mad and get to work! Our future– our children’s futures depend on keeping “Sharron”, Samantha O’Donnell and their ilk away from our laws. We’ve gotten a lot done in the last year and a half but if we’re ever going to get out of this mess– electing the people who got us into makes no sense!

The Tea-GOP made a big deal of un-veiling their Pledge to America yesterday– but, didn’t even bother changing the script from 1998!

Watch last night’s ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’

 John Boehner  said (again) “We’re not going to change”… that dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks– why would we elect the party who keeps drinking out of the toilet– because they say they have a plan? Because after voting against everything they’re now claiming they’re going to start playing with the kids across the aisle? Please! Are we THAT gullible?

We are not a dying breed and we’re  not a silent majority– we’re just polite. We compromise ourselves out of the things we belive in and give away the biggest piece of candy on a regular basis… ENOUGH!

We’re in a fight for our children’s future! We compromised on universal healthcare and shied away from DADT… we backed down from the Tea-GOP bullies on maintaining lower taxes for the middle class and we’re too nice to even call them out on their lies… ENOUGH!

It’s time for us to understand that “the Party of  NO” isn’t just a name– it’s their policy! We’ve squandered the majority and now are at risk of loosing it… ENOUGH!

Here is MY Pledge:

I, Hfamom– pledge to work to increase the democratic majority, to call out the Tea-GOP as they attack kids with pre-existing conditions, I will campaign for and donate to Progressive candidates, I will educate myself on the issues and take on any Tea- GOP-er that wants to talk rationally– I will work to make this country a better place for my kid.

What is YOUR pledge?

The Candidates’ Autism Plans by Dr. Chew

8 01 2008

I found this and thought it was worth sharing:

The Candidates’ Autism Plans

by Kristina Chew, PhD on November 24th, 2007

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her autism plan in Sioux City. She called for for $700 million in funding for autism research and education and criticized President Bush for failing to fully fund legislation such as the Combating Autism Act (CAA); Clinton noted that she co-sponsored the CAA and also, earlier this year, the Expanding the Promise for Individuals with Autism Act. Referring to autism as a “national health crisis” (as quoted in the Associated Press), Clinton said that “‘we don’t know how to cure it, and we don’t even know the best ways to treat it.’”Autism initiatives that Clinton proposed taking include:

  • Expanding research to identify causes of autism by doubling investments in the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) efforts to identify the causes of autism, and monitoring its impact across the country
  • Creating an Autism Task Force charged with investigating evidence-based treatments, interventions, and services
  • Providing planning and demonstration grants for services for adults: Clinton will provide funding for for a one-time, single year planning grant for states and a multi-year service provision demonstration grant program to increase access to appropriate services to adults living with autism, including job training, housing, and transition services for young people leaving school. 
  • Improving access to post-diagnosis care, so that children can start receiving services as soon as possible after they are diagnosed.
  • Providing teacher training: Clinton will provide funding for school districts to ensure that teachers responsible for educating children with autism receive specialized teacher training, including ways to engage in appropriate interventions
  • Creating a National Technical Assistance Center that will gather and disseminate information about autism treatments, interventions, and services, and provide technical assistance; this information would be accessible through the Internet.
  • Guaranteeing quality, affordable health care: Clinton’s American Health Choices Plan would enable individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to have access to quality, affordable health care for their conditions. Citing the costs of insurance and insurance premiums, Clinton pointed out that her universal health care plan would enable families to afford health care as good as that currently received by members of Congress.  Her initiatives do directly address some of my own main concerns regarding autism, namely: Education and teacher trainings; services for adults who need them; insurance coverage. 

  • Democratic Candidates on Autism

    4 01 2008

    I did my research.

    The following is what the top three Democratic candidates have to say about Autism and their plans for improving the lives of those touched by PDD.

    John Edwards:

    “Autism affects families from every walk of life. Sometimes I talk about the Two Americas – but when it comes to fighting for families affected by autism and autism spectrum disorders, we must come together as One America to deliver on our national promise – helping every child realize their full potential.” — John Edwards

    Autism and autism spectrum disorders affect an astonishing 1 in 150 children. More children than ever before – a 700 percent increase over the last decade – are being classified as having an autism spectrum disorder. We need to learn more about why the number of children diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders has been growing. We know that early intervention is often crucial to helping children with these diagnoses reach their full potential, but the education and health care resources needed to help them and their families are strained to capacity. For families, caring for a child with autism can be expensive and emotionally draining. While Congress took an important step last year by dedicating more than $900 million to address autism over the next five years, more can and must be done. [IDEAData, 2005; CDC, 2007]

    John Edwards believes every child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Helping everyone reach personal independence and assume social responsibilities is a responsibility we all share. His Promise and Potential plan will:

    • Guarantee quality affordable health care for families living with autism – ending insurance discrimination.
    • Help unravel of mysteries of autism by issuing an all-hands-on-deck research challenge.
    • Fund schools so they can provide essential services.
    • Strengthen supports for families dealing with the diagnosis.
    • Ensure a continuum of care with lifelong supportive services.


    Support Americans with Autism.More than one million Americans have autism, a complex neurobiological condition that has a range of impacts on thinking, feeling, language, and the ability to relate to others. As diagnostic criteria broaden and awareness increases, more cases of autism have been recognized across the country. Barack Obama believes that we can do more to help autistic Americans and their families understand and live with autism. He has been a strong supporter of more than $1 billion in federal funding for autism research on the root causes and treatments, and he believes that we should increase funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to truly ensure that no child is left behind.More than anything, autism remains a profound mystery with a broad spectrum of effects on autistic individuals, their families, loved ones, the community, and education and health care systems. Obama believes that the government and our communities should work together to provide a helping hand to autistic individuals and their families.


    From NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones

    Clinton said not enough was known about what she called one of the most urgent and least understood challenges facing the nation and not enough services were available to deal with it.“I think it’s time we had a government and a president who recognized the seriousness of autism and addressed it head on,” Clinton told the crowd at a local Boy’s Club. She said she was at the club because of the work the organization does to provide services for children with autism.

    Clinton’s plan would double investments in the National Institutes of Health’s efforts to identify the causes of the disorder, including possible environmental causes. Fully funding the “Combating Autism Act,” a Clinton co-sponsored bill that became law in 2006, would cost $200 million a year and would be covered by the senator’s initiative to increase the NIH budget by doubling it over 10 years. The other $500 million would come from savings from improving government efficiency, said spokesman Jay Carson.

    I have to wonder how much of this is lip service… the top three say it’s really important when asked directly about Autism but I haven’t heard it come up unless prompted by a question.  Both Obama and Clinton have their opinions buried in heath plans. I know it isn’t an issue to people who don’t have to deal with Autistic idiocyncracies regularly. But, how many people care about the abortion issue who aren’t dealing with that choice? Why isn’t Autism a bigger deal to the whole country.  You can’t talk about health without talking about Autism– it’s not just about major medical or payment plans it’s about day to day issues.

    I don’t know if Autism is caused by injections or not but if I had it to do over J wouldn’t have gotten the shots. I fall short of calling Autism a disorder– it’s a challenge and I’m sorry that my son has to face difficulties that “normal” kids don’t have to deal with. He is who he is and I love him just how he is– stims and all.