18 03 2008

I’m angry. So, please indulge my ranting… 

I’ve been working to clear the clutter out of our home and until recently have had a good experience on EBay… actually made a lot of money. Now, I’m running into problems with sellers who don’t send stuff (POMARIC) after the receive the payment and buyers who pay through Paypal and leave great feedback THEN Paypal does a review of the payment and decides the person wasn’t authorized to use that account or credit card and POOF I’m out the item, shipping and fees. (JFLORES70)

 So, the bottom line– if I choose to continue selling on Ebay I’m going to have to increase my “handling charges” to cover the extra things I need to protect myself from evil buyers– like delivery confirmation and insurance in addition to the fees that Paypal and EBay charge for using their services/sites.

EBay used to be fun. I bought and sold on EBay off and on for years without any problems but now there are too many people who are taking advantage of the system– and, the community– that it’s just not safe to buy or sell.

Not sure if I’ll keep doing it or not… At least when you have a yard sale you can do it all in cash and don’t have to monkey around with shipping.

Ebay-ers Beware of Pomaric and JFlores70




One response

18 03 2008

I quit ebaying some time ago for the same reason. It is just too risky.

It used to be fun… now it’s a hassle! And too many icky people trying to scam you…

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