John Edwards on Autism

18 01 2008

I spent some time looking around John Edwards’ website and in his blog section the mother of an autistic 12 year old (Austin), prouddem316 writes of Mr. Edwards: “He has looked me in the eye and said “things will change for kids like Austin” and I believe him, I do.”

I haven’t looked him in the eye. I don’t know whether to believe him or not… a debate about Autism would sure help!

I emailed Edwards’ campaign this morning and so far no form letter– points for him! 🙂 Obama and Clinton both sent form letters referring me to their sites… OK. I don’t expect them to call me but, come ‘on… that didn’t help. I’ll wait to see what becomes of the email to Edwards.

John Edwards Autism Plan

18 01 2008

I’m still looking for a real plan from Barack Obama (the paragraph he has on his website just can’t be called a plan…) but, between Edwards and Clinton– Edwards certainly has the better plan for families dealing with Autism.

Please let me know if you find a real plan from Obama.  (See past posts for what I’ve found on Clinton and Obama so far.)

I’d really love to hear them talk about Autism so we can all see if there’s any passion or if it’s just something they are going to have to deal with…. The cynic I married says it’s going to take an Autistic grandchild for these politician to really care.