John Edwards Reacts to Bush Economic Stimulus Plan

24 01 2008

In John Edwards’ Words:

“This is another example of Washington deserting working people and the middle class. They gave $70 billion of tax breaks that do nothing for those who’ve lost their jobs. It’s a complete disconnect between what’s happening in Washington and what I see happening here in South Carolina and across the country. We desperately need a modernization of the unemployment insurance law to cover more poor families and those who have lost their jobs. We also need to build an infrastructure for the clean energy economy that will create jobs and fight global warming.

“George Bush will sign whatever economic stimulus package that is sent to him by the Congress. The Congress needs to stand its ground. They need to insist on unemployment insurance modernization. Because otherwise we’re going to have thousands and thousands of families across this country who don’t get the unemployment help they need, and they lost their jobs through no fault of their own.”

In my words:

Ok, so I’m married and have one child (the two dogs don’t count) So, if my math is correct, we’ll be getting about $1,200. I’m not poo-poo-ing it… We could all use a little extra cash.  It’s just not enough to really matter.  It’s not going to put solar panels on the house or pay off the mortgage. It’s not going to lower the price of gas at the tank or pay for therapy for J for more than a few months… it’s not going make a difference in our lives… Thanks, Dubya.


Edwards Is The Only Democrat Who Can Beat McCain

22 01 2008

 That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it– but, I’m not alone.  A little digging on line found a few reputable sources who share my opinion:

Dave “Mudcat” Saunders of the Huffington Post: “It should be clear to anybody with over a 50 IQ that my boy John Edwards, with his combination of red state electoral experience and toughness, is the only candidate who can beat John McCain.”

EzraKlein Archive of the American Prospect: “John Edwards can swing the populist sledgehammer better than anyone else in American politics.  And whatever else McCain may be armored against, it’s that old hammer that can shatter him.”

December CNN Poll: “Edwards is the only Democrat who beats all four Republicans, and McCain is the only Republican who beats any of the three Democrats. Some might argue this shows that they are the most electable candidates in their respective parties.”

And, according to John Edwards himself: “Well, he (McCain)is starting to look like the Republican nominee, and I think it’s important for us to have somebody to run against McCain who can beat him. And national polls show that I’m the one who beats John McCain in the general election. And second, I think even more important than that, this is a guy who’s made central to his political life campaign finance reform. It seems to me we ought to be putting somebody up against him who’s never taken money from special interest PACs or Washington lobbyists. Between the three of us, that’s me.”

Following the South Carolina Debate, I imagine that in some dark room, deep in the bowels of a stone temple to democracy Clinton and Obama are having “Come to Jesus” conversations with the Party powers. They’ll play nice for a while but, by the time the convention rolls around Clinton and Obama will be out and Edwards will be off for the fight of his life.

With Clinton being so divisive and Obama lacking experience, neither would be able to beat McCain. On the other hand, either could beat Romney or Huckabee. Paul is an unknown quotient although I believe he is more revolutionary than president.

So, here’s my prediction: McCain wins the Republican nomination, Edwards; the Democratic candidate and Edwards becomes our next President.

So that’s  my opinion and I’m sticking to it.


John Edwards’ Response to Autism Questionaire

19 01 2008

Below is the link to a questionaire with John Edwards’ responses in regard to autism. While I still want to see some passion– I’m getting close to being comfortable that Edwards will help middle class families with Autism.

I do not endorse A-Champ. However, I do appreciate this information.