Grandmother has a favorite… and it’s not my son

16 07 2012

My mother in law’s behavior toward my son changed when he was diagnosed with autism 10 years ago…  I’ve tried for years to just ignore it… I’ve tried to pretend that it doesn’t matter and for a long time that worked. 5 years ago another grandchild was born and now it’s all about Charlie.

In an attempt to laugh it off we started a “Charlie Jar” where we deposit $.25 every time she mentions him and that had been filling up quite nicely until she quit calling or returning calls a couple of months ago. She’s still posting old lady nonsense on Facebook so we know she’s alive… and she recently let it slip on FB that she’s spending the summer with Charlie (We figured that was worth a whole $1 in the jar since it’s in writing… ) so I guess that explains the communication blackout.

My son doesn’t want to see her. He hasn’t seen her in over 2 years and she hasn’t called him in about 10… I don’t blame him for not wanting to see her… She obviously doesn’t want a relationship with him.  I’m done.

Can I unfriend her now?


It’s Time to Enforce IDEA

11 07 2012

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of fighting for your child’s rights to be enforced… Year after year fighting for the law to be followed wears on the heartiest… on the stubbornest… on the parents of children who need special education services. We get tired of having to educate educators about the legal definitions of terms like “general curriculum”, “least restrictive environment”, “accommodations”, “modifications”… and the list goes on.

I think what irritates me most is that there is a pretty good law out there already– The Individuals with Disabilties Education Act– but it’s not being enforced.

Please sign this petition: asking that the Federal Government start taking this law seriously and start enforcing IDEA.

If we can get 25,000 signatures by August 10, we will get a response from the White House. That’s how the “We The People” petitions work. Will you help me get the attention of the President on this very important issue? Please forward this link, post it to Facebook and Tweet at will–

Our children deserve a chance to pursue further education, employment and independence.

Thank you!