The Economic Effects Of Richardson Dropping Out Of The Race

13 01 2008

Think about the t-shirts, yard signs, buttons and mugs with “Richardson 08” emblazoned on them… think about the shop owners and street vendors who bought them to sell. Think about the printers who have stock made up. I realize that no small country will fall as a result but these are real people who made a financial investment and are now stuck with stock that will be sold basically for scrap…

We spent a lot of time getting artwork together for our web-store. Call me selfish but, we have some really cool designs with Bill Richardson ( and now… they’re wasted. Don’t get me wrong– there are some other really great things, great art (I know, I’m biased) and fun lines. Not everything on our site is political– there is a section on Autism, fun designs, some suggestive stuff and plenty of non-Richardson political stuff.

We’re fortunate– our only investment is time. (Cafe Press does print on demand)… but, I certainly feel for the folks who have money invested for which they will not see any return.


Richardson is OFFICIALLY out of the race

10 01 2008

Bill Richardson: (In a nutshell)

Just announced he is ending his Campaign for President of the United States– wished he could have told us first and not allowed us to hear it from the media

Fox Noise Says Richardson is Dropping Out

9 01 2008

Well… if Fox Noise says it– it must be unconfirmed, slanted to the far right and they’ll never admit they are wrong.

According to the Richardson Camp he’s gone to New Mexico to attend to the job he was elected to do. That doesn’t mean he quit– it just means he’s a responsible person!

Yet another example of how you can’t believe everything you hear…

Autism and Politics

2 01 2008

Of all the possible political issues playing out in this campaign autism and economy are the two that rank the highest on my radar.

I like Richardson– his focus on education and what he has done for autistic folks in New Mexico but, I’m concerned that he isn’t really viable… maybe as VP?… I genuinely like the guy. He seems to be on the ball, realistic and certainly experienced! The only candidate who’s website specifically mentions autism– in an easy to find way– is Richardson:

“First of all I am for strongly increased research on autism. The number of children in this country affected by autism is just staggering. [1 in every 150 children] Comprehensive and universal access to health care is part of the solution. I fought for increased funding in New Mexico for outreach, education, treatment and awareness. This is something that I have been talking about on the campaign trail everyday and it will be a priority in my administration.–Richardson

What’s left? I don’t like Clinton, Obama doesn’t seem to have the experience to do well overall but he has the “presence”, Edwards is a good choice by default, I guess…

Have you decided on candidates to back? Your thoughts?

We have a website ( where we have pro Richardson items for sale– as well as Autism.