I Threw Out Huckabee

28 09 2010

My parents like Mike. They are retired missionaries– as if that explains it… well, it sort of does. They would love to see a pastor in the White House– someone who believes as they do and is rather entertaining about it. They don’t vote by party but by person– and in the last election they voted for a couple of democrats although I think they passed on Obama. We try to avoid talking politics.

I’m a Democrat– middle to conservative– but, a democrat. I am pro-life– all of life: conception to dust, pro-fiscal responsiblity, pro-social programs– almost to the point of socialism– but not quite. I am a christian.

I used to think that Mike Huckabee was ok– a bit square and a little delusional– but, ok. His recent comedic rants about healthcare reform have put an end to my tolerance of the man.  My son is not a wrecked car… !!

Who can forget his plans for those who have HIV/AIDS?! (from www.ontheissues.org)

  • Called for isolating AIDS carriers in 1992, not quarantine. (Dec 2007)
  • Supports consumer-driven “medical IRA” with tax-free money. (Nov 1992)
  • No additional AIDS spending; cancer & vascular victims first. (Nov 1992)
  • Isolate carriers of this plague of AIDS. (Nov 1992)
  • It is not my place to judge Mike Huckabee– so I won’t. (But I did throw out his book.)

    I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. –Gandhi 

    On the last day, Jesus will say to those on His right hand, “Come, enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was sick and you visited me.” Then Jesus will turn to those on His left hand and say, “Depart from me because I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, I was sick and you did not visit me.” These will ask Him, “When did we see You hungry, or thirsty or sick and did not come to Your help?” And Jesus will answer them, “Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!”  (Mathew 25:40)  As quoted by Mother Teresa of Calcutta,  National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC Thur, 3 Feb 94.


    A Word About Viruses

    27 09 2010


    I’m on my son’s computer because mine is in the shop… I was curious about a comment that was in my “spam” file and… well… it was spam. So… now it’s gonna cost me 50% of replacement price to get the thing removed and my computer restored. 

    My husband is convinced that, because the comment was about “Sharron” that there is some conspiracy to shut down her nay-sayers… although I don’t buy into that– it makes for a good story.

    A word to the wise– if WordPress says it’s spam– believe them!

    Strickland Vs. Kasich

    25 09 2010

    The gubernatorial race is pretty much in a dead heat in Ohio… Democratic Governor Ted Strickland vs. Republican Businessman John Kasich… they’re neck in neck in the polls and supporters on both sides are fired up…

    I’m voting for Ted Strickland. There are lots of reasons that I’ve chosen him:

    Strickland has done a good job of laying the foundation for Ohio to become a powerhouse of industry– clean industry– he has kept the ship afloat in very hard times for our State and has made progress despite the budgetary cuts… He secured stimulus funds that will position us to become a transportation hub, he has begun a long process that will improve our schools and– he genuinely cares about us… the people… the average guy who works hard, studies hard and follows the “rules”….

    Strickland’s record are only part of his assets– Frances Strickland has worked hard on behalf of Ohio’s families through Family and Children First Council– the processes are now much more family oriented and involved, she has made a difference in the lives of families who are in crisis because of issues with their children’s mental health or behavioral issues.  I know that we don’t elect spouses– but, in a lot of ways, our elected officials are a lot like our pastors– right or wrong– when we get two for the price of one, like we do with the Stricklands, we come out ahead.

    Kasich? Well… he’s managed to amass personal wealth. He has no specific plans or ideas… at least that he’ll share with us. He says less government but won’t identify what he’d cut. Honestly, I watch the news, read the paper and do plenty of online news reading– I have no idea what this guy would DO if elected.

    Strickland isn’t perfect… I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring in casinos while cutting addiction services funding by 40%… — but, if that’s my only serious complaint about him; he’s doing a pretty good job in my eyes.

    Don’t forget to vote– it’s only a few weeks off and early voting starts next week– if you don’t vote; you have a right to complain!

    What the GOP thinks about Autism

    24 09 2010

    The Republicans think my son is a wrecked car with “autism”

    Mike Huckabee:


    Sharron Angle:


    Why in the world would any family or friend (teacher, doctor, therapist) of a child with autism vote for the Tea- GOP?!

    My Pledge to America

    24 09 2010

    Democrats, Independents and Sane People of the United States– it’s time to get mad and get to work! Our future– our children’s futures depend on keeping “Sharron”, Samantha O’Donnell and their ilk away from our laws. We’ve gotten a lot done in the last year and a half but if we’re ever going to get out of this mess– electing the people who got us into makes no sense!

    The Tea-GOP made a big deal of un-veiling their Pledge to America yesterday– but, didn’t even bother changing the script from 1998!

    Watch last night’s ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’

     John Boehner  said (again) “We’re not going to change”… that dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks– why would we elect the party who keeps drinking out of the toilet– because they say they have a plan? Because after voting against everything they’re now claiming they’re going to start playing with the kids across the aisle? Please! Are we THAT gullible?

    We are not a dying breed and we’re  not a silent majority– we’re just polite. We compromise ourselves out of the things we belive in and give away the biggest piece of candy on a regular basis… ENOUGH!

    We’re in a fight for our children’s future! We compromised on universal healthcare and shied away from DADT… we backed down from the Tea-GOP bullies on maintaining lower taxes for the middle class and we’re too nice to even call them out on their lies… ENOUGH!

    It’s time for us to understand that “the Party of  NO” isn’t just a name– it’s their policy! We’ve squandered the majority and now are at risk of loosing it… ENOUGH!

    Here is MY Pledge:

    I, Hfamom– pledge to work to increase the democratic majority, to call out the Tea-GOP as they attack kids with pre-existing conditions, I will campaign for and donate to Progressive candidates, I will educate myself on the issues and take on any Tea- GOP-er that wants to talk rationally– I will work to make this country a better place for my kid.

    What is YOUR pledge?

    Sharron Angle, Nevada Tea Party, Mocks Autism

    23 09 2010

    Here is the link to write Ms. Angle a little note: 


    Here is the link to contribute to Harry Reid:


    This woman has picked a fight with the wrong people… let’s let her know!

    Where’s The Parade?

    23 09 2010

    Today it became illegal for children with developmental disabilities to be discriminated against by health insurance companies– Yes! Mr. Biden! This IS a big F*#@%ing deal!!

    But, where is the parade? Families celebrate silently and politicians who voted for it shy away from the topic unless they are defending their vote… the President has taken 6 months to start talking about it in earnest and republicans are lying about it. 

    Insurance companies are having tantrums and refusing to play– that gets the attention of the media. Republicans are proclaiming they will repeal healthcare reform– that gets the attention of the media.

    But where are the families who benefit from this law? Why are newspapers burying the story on page 5 when full page covers were given to protests prior to passage? Why are politicians campaign websites missing the healthcare link under “issues”?  The silence is deafening.

    MY SON HAS INSURANCE TODAY BECAUSE OF HEALTHCARE REFORM!! Children with developmental disabilities– autism, down syndrome ( Sarah, that includes your son!)– can no longer be discriminated against! Short of a cure for autism, or truely effective treatment,  the end to healthcare discrimination is the biggest thing that can be done for children with autism (Autism Speaks)! So– where’s the parade?

    I call upon those who voted for this law (Sherrod Brown and John Boccieri– MY  SON’S representatives)– for families who spent years fighting for this day– for teachers, doctors,therapists and advocates of children with developmental disabilities– for the media who championed this law– CELEBRATE!   This IS a Big F*#@%ing Deal!!