Python at the Ohio Statehouse

30 03 2011

Today, 3.30.11, Republican Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives (Batchelder) and the Citizens who he represents clashed over SB5… (Paraphased interaction)

Batchelder:  Shut up!  Will you shut up!

Citizens: Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.

Batchelder:  Shut up!

Citizens:  Oh!  Come and see the violence inherent in the system! HELP! HELP! I’m being repressed!

Batchelder: Bloody peasant!

Citizens: Oh, what a giveaway.  Did you hear that? Did you hear that, eh?  That’s what I’m on about — did you see him repressing me, you saw it didn’t you?


Open Letter to Asbury University

4 11 2010

Asbury University (formerly Asbury College) is playing Fox News in the campus gym and cafeteria. When did Asbury start teaching propaganda instead of truth? When did it lose its compassion?

Shortly after college I married a fellow Asburian who declared his homosexuality a year later. He was told by an Asbury faculty member that if he got married he would be “cured” of his homosexuality. I was the victim of this declaration and yet I was able to forgive the College for its naiveté.  

Now, the views espoused are attacks against my son (who is the child of my straight second husband). And that I cannot forgive so easily.

My son is on the autism spectrum. The Republican Party and its mouthpiece, Fox News, have mocked those with autism specifically and those with pre-existing conditions more generally. Leaders in the Republican Party think my son is a wrecked car with “autism”.  I cannot—and will not—support a political party who values money over people.  I cannot—and will not—support an institution that condones ridiculing “the least of these”.

As a result of Asbury’s shift from a conservative Christian institution to an extension of the political party whose leaders call my son—who is a gift from God, perfect and created in God’s own image—unworthy of equality;  I am changing my Will so that it no longer includes your institution.

The Jesus I know doesn’t think little kids with pre-existing conditions should be discriminated against in favor of profits. The Jesus I know doesn’t hate or ridicule people who disagree with him. The Jesus I know teaches compassion and charity.

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are not much like your Christ.” –Gandhi

Please call Asbury and tell them to turn off Fox. 1-859-858-3511 (X 2105 alumni office)

YouTube is a better source of News than 24 Hour News Networks

12 01 2008

I have learned more about the candidates’ views in one hour on YouTube than in months of switching between CNN and MSNBC. I don’t watch Fox Noise and don’t watch enough PBS.

In only one hour I learned the basics of what Ron Paul believes. It’s pretty simple: He believes in the Constitution. He believes in Law. He believes in giving the people the power to define their own destiny.  Not bad.

I don’t really understand yet how this country would continue to improve (repair) roads, fund education and social security without taxes but, I’m willing to bet that another hour on YouTube would give me the answers I seek.

My criticism of the mainstream media comes from both the perspective of a former Newsie, and that of a consumer with education, experience and opinion.

I’m tired of television. Not to the point my brother has reached– he hasn’t even had a TV for the last couple of years– but I think it’s time to reduce my viewing of news channels to debates and breaking news– give me only news, no opinions– that’s for the OP-Ed page and blogs. Funny how between YouTube and The/A Daily Show I can get all the National and International news I need.

The Pundits Are Back To Predicting

11 01 2008

Didn’t they learn anything from New Hampshire?

Frankly, I (who spent a decade producing TV News) really thought they’d be a little more cautious after the embarrassment of earlier this week– No such luck!  The only thing that’s saving these guys from themselves is a busy news-day.

Before the incident of 24 Hour Cable News Channels there were far less opportunities for embarrassing predictions/declarations… course in those days News meant something.  It was objective– report the facts of a story in 2 minutes or less. Sadly no more… CNN tonight referred to Michigan lawmakers as “fools”… where is the news? Ranting Newscaster is not news.

My mother only watches PBS… maybe she has the right idea…

Hillary is Human!

8 01 2008

Yeah! She choked up a little!

I don’t see why this is a such a big deal– she is human, exhausted and feels strongly about what she’s doing. Whether I agree with her or not… Bless the crack in her armor!