Primaries Deny a Voice to Most Americans

31 01 2008

I am so glad that I haven’t had a chance to vote yet. If I had, my vote for Edwards would have been given away to another candidate.  I read a blog this morning talking about how voting early in primaries isn’t a good idea– too many votes are wasted by candidates dropping out.

Folks in Ohio don’t necessarially prioritize the same things as they do in New Hampshire, Iowa or South Carolina. Maybe one of the first Primaries should be held in Indiana, Ohio or Illinois… but, then what about Texas, Arizona and Georgia? There isn’t a true sampling of the American fabric in the early primaries and therefore we aren’t all heard.

The American system of Presidential election is so bizarre from the point of view of the rest of the world. We sort. A couple of States get to thin out who they like best and the rest of us are stuck with a dwindling field of candidates. 

Maybe it’s time to move back to Brasil where I couldn’t vote but at least I knew upfront that my vote wouldn’t count and my voice was unheard.


I Hate “Spin”– But I Do See It’s Value

12 01 2008

I’ve been so distracted by the newsletter stories about Ron Paul that I’m missing his message. Perhaps if his spin doctors were more productive I’d be able to hear what he really has to say.

TV news isn’t, for the most part, news anymore.  I’d really like for them to spend more time telling me what the candidates are promising, what they believe– who they are, rather than who missed what or what McCain’s smirk means.  They don’t give us enough credit.  I know what a smirk is and I know what it means.

Despite being registered with one of the two major parties I’m not committed to voting for either one. I like John Edwards. I like Obama. I wish I liked Clinton (see “I love to hate Hillary Clinton..” from earlier this week). I want to like Ron Paul. I want to like McCain. I want to like Huckabee.

For the most part these are likable people. They are genuine. They are good people. They are also human and make mistakes– miss opportunities– run out of time to read all the newsletters, press releases and so forth. Maybe what they all need– I do mean all– is to surround themselves with people who are meticulous, tireless and faithful to their candidate. They need superior spin doctors and advisers.

Because the mainstream media is so out of control Spin is important .

Edwards: One Silver, One Bronze. Can he pull off a Gold?

9 01 2008

Edwards is having a rough time but during his speech last night John Edwards pointed out that only 1% of the American people have spoken and there are 48 more states who haven’t had their say.

Edwards did come in 2nd in Iowa and 3rd in New Hampshire. Maybe there is hope still.  He speaks to the middle class and the middle class seems to be listening but, he makes Wall Street quake! Could someone who scares Wall Street really fix the economy?

I don’t know why he isn’t doing better in the Primaries. Heck! I don’t know why Richardson isn’t doing better. I am comforted, however, that the pundits, pollsters and experts were all way off last night in New Hampshire in predicting a wide margin Obama win.

South Carolina will be very interesting to the survival of John Edwards. The Southwestern states will make or break Richardson. I don’t know about Ron Paul– he is getting attention but not breaking into the top of the Republican dog-pile– he’s certainly the most reasonable and realistic of the Republicans… is that a compliment?