Edwards: One Silver, One Bronze. Can he pull off a Gold?

9 01 2008

Edwards is having a rough time but during his speech last night John Edwards pointed out that only 1% of the American people have spoken and there are 48 more states who haven’t had their say.

Edwards did come in 2nd in Iowa and 3rd in New Hampshire. Maybe there is hope still.  He speaks to the middle class and the middle class seems to be listening but, he makes Wall Street quake! Could someone who scares Wall Street really fix the economy?

I don’t know why he isn’t doing better in the Primaries. Heck! I don’t know why Richardson isn’t doing better. I am comforted, however, that the pundits, pollsters and experts were all way off last night in New Hampshire in predicting a wide margin Obama win.

South Carolina will be very interesting to the survival of John Edwards. The Southwestern states will make or break Richardson. I don’t know about Ron Paul– he is getting attention but not breaking into the top of the Republican dog-pile– he’s certainly the most reasonable and realistic of the Republicans… is that a compliment?




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