Mr. Boccieri is a Winner

3 11 2010

Last night John Boccieri lost an election– but he is a winner!

Over the course of two years, John Boccieri worked for the people he represents in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District. His courage of conviction, his prioritizing of policy over politics and his careful, thoughtful, prayerful votes have made my son’s life better. Because of Mr. Boccieri’s vote in favor of healthcare reform, it is now illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against the 1 in 70 boys diagnosed with autism.

John Boccieri is a winner.

Why Vote For John Boccieri?

2 11 2010

John Boccieri can tell you eloquently why you should vote for him in Ohio’s 16th District so, let me tell you why I voted for him.

Boccieri gets it. He’s a fiscal conservative who voted against healthcare reform’s first version because it was financially irresponsible. He voted for the second version because it had been revised/improved so that it will save tax payers money and assures that abortions will not be Federally funded. His vote FOR healthcare reform gave my son insurance. He has autism (a previously deniable pre-existing condition) and was on Medicaid. Now, you aren’t footing the bill for my son’s healthcare– I am. In a tiny little way, my family is proof of savings to taxpayers.

I’ve met him and know him to be genuine– not some slick politician. He looks you in the eye while he’s listening to what you have to say and is sincere with what he can or can’t do– what he’ll try to do– what goes against his grain…

John Boccieri is a dad. He understands parents who want what’s best for our kids– better for our kids…  He wants the same for his kids that we want for ours… and, he’s willing to do politically unpopular things to get that done.

I don’t agree with every vote he’s cast– any more than I agree with everything my husband does– but, I’m not going to ditch either. I voted for Boccieri because I really believe that he represents me– and, he’s able to do so because he listens to what I have to say…

Vote today. We are responsible for electing people who represent us– not people who we tolerate because we’re mad at the other guy. Vote today. Vote for the best person, the most genuine, the one like you. I believe that’s John Boccieri and he has my vote.

Boccieri Vs Renacci Debate 10/18/10

19 10 2010

Last night my little guy and I went to the final Ohio 16th Congressional debate.

This late in the campaign there really isn’t much new…

Boccieri voted FOR healthcare reform and as a result my son, who has autism, has insurance– Renacci would get rid of it– “Repeal and Replace”– however in a new twist; Renacci says he would keep the provision that gets rid of deniable pre-existing conditions. His website does not reflect this position change:

Boccieri cites specific ways that the Stimulus has benefited NE Ohio (  while Renacci just stomps his foot and follows Boehner’s lead… NO! NO! NO! (course when the  asked what he likes to do in his spare time he said golf…)

On Energy: Boccieri knows that green energy will provide jobs, clean the air and keep money at home. Renacci on the other hand (and the energy companies who fund his campaign) think that global warming is fiction so, he didn’t answer the question and the panel didn’t call him on it.

There was only one real stunner in this debate– when asked about their approval/disapproval of the Supreme Court’s “corporations as people” ruling– Boccieri said resoundingly that he disagreed with the ruling while Renacci did a little dance about how the Supreme Court knows about these things and he trusts them– so finally– he said he does agree with the ruling. (WHOA!!)

The truth is that he does not agree with all Supreme Court rulings… he disagrees for example with Roe vs. Wade… So… apparently he only trusts the Court when their rulings benefit him. (Renacci’s positions per Project Vote Smart : )

My main take-away (since I already thought Renacci is pretty out of touch and self-serving) was that Renacci followers are rude.  When J and I arrived, we saw a man putting a Renacci sign on each side of EVERY Boccieri sign along the road into the high school… during the debate, they were out-of-bounds– rude! And, towards the end, when Congressman Boccieri cited my son as an example of someone who directly benefits from healthcare reform, the Renacci supporter behind us said– “Who Cares that it helps that kid?!” Well, Rude Renacci lady, I CARE!

Don’t take my word for it… here is the debate:

Who is Funding Renacci?

15 10 2010

I live in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District. I am a voter. I’ve had enough.

I don’t know all the gory details… something like “trust us– we have a system” is about all that we can get out of those who are throwing cash at republicans like the Shriners do at community parades… What I do know is that the American Chamber of Congress has a number of foreign members*  and that the president of this organization has said that there are benefits to outsourcing jobs and work overseas. (That sure makes me want to trust them…)

These are the people funding Republican candidates in 2010.

Ohio’s 16th Congressional District

Mr. Renacci received $1,383,840 in funding through 6/30/10. 


In the organizations category,one of  Renacci’s biggest  funders is Freedomworks** who believes that public schools need competition from the private sector, the only thing wrong with our former healthcare system is that people sue too much and that both medicare and social security should be privatized.. energy? It’s the fault of regulation that fuel costs so much.

 The individual donations (anybody who gives over $250 has to disclose who they work for) have come overwhelmingly from attorneys, and those who work for healthcare and insurance companies– Renacci wants to get rid of healthcare reform and replace it with the opening of state lines and Tort Reform… WHO does that benefit?!

Healthcare Reform is my favorite issue as any who have read my blog before already know. In a recent debate Congressman John Boccieri all but dared Renacci to take away the insurance card of a child with autism who was in the audience. Renacci talks about a “safety net” but refuses to define it. He refuses to say that children with developmental disabilities should be insured. He refuses to say that autism shouldn’t be a deniable pre-existing condition.

John Boccieri first voted against healthcare reform because the first draft was fiscally irresponsible and left doubt about funding of abortion. He voted  for the second version because it IS fiscally responsible  and assures that abortions are not publicly funded. He stood beside a child with autism when he announced his support of the second version.   (  

Of course insurance companies don’t like healthcare reform! It forces them to be humane. In a perfect world business would do the right thing… they would forgo that third billion in profit to be compassionate… they would recognize that LIFE is a right as proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence.      

Don’t take my word for it. Read through Renacci’s funders–

Check out the limited position he holds on issues–

Then, ask yourself– WHO does Renacci speak for?

For the sake of comparison– here is John Boccieri’s FEC filings:

*International members of the American Chamber of Commerce:


The Good Old Days…?

15 10 2010

I am not nostalgic for the days the Tea-GOP seem to long for.

It’s easy to think that government should stay out of our lives– we are a culture that deeply values privacy– but do we really want government to cease its protections?

Do you like the idea equal rights for women, persons with disabilities, persons of every race, creed, color and culture? Do you like knowing that there isn’t rat poison in your Cheerios? Do you like weekends? Do you like public education? Social Security benefits? Do you like public works– water? sewage treatment? roads? Do you think minimum wage protects workers from sweat-shop-like treatment? 40-hour work weeks? Overtime? Breaks during your work day? How do you like IEPs and IDEA? ADA? The end of legal discrimination by insurance companies against children with disabilities?

I want government to continue to protect my son from discrimination by schools,  insurance companies,  public bus drivers, diner owners, employers and bullies.  I want water delivered to my home– and sewage removed. I want to know that the food I serve my family is safe.

Two years ago I voted for change and, although slow in coming, there have been victories! My son has insurance and my credit cards can’t abuse me. That’s not bad!

I don’t want to return to the good old days– they really weren’t good.

From the Mouth of Babes

5 10 2010


We voted yesterday. I picked my son up from school and we went together to the Board of Elections. After some great conversation with the lady at the poll, he took the e-pen and card and together we cast our vote. Since we were the only two there (besides the really nice lady) we were able to talk.

My son has met Frances Strickland– and likes her– so he was thrilled to vote for Ted Strickland for Governor. We’ve talked about the obstructionism in the Senate so he wanted to pick Fisher for Senate. And, when we got to the congressional candidates– he immediately marked John A. Boccieri and declared “That’s our friend!”

Vote Early! Vote Often! Vote Boccieri!

No Regrets

3 10 2010

Yesterday I went to a house party for Congressman John Boccieri. I like him. He has done a lot of good and is willing to keep on working for us– in spite of threats and lies told by his opponent… headaches caused by the republican party who refuse to do anything constructive… the Senate who can’t even discuss bills passed by the House… It must be a horribly frustrating job! I certainly wouldn’t want to do it!!

Congressman Boccieri talked about some of the challenges, and a lot of the good things he’s been able to do.  If you’ve read this blog you know that the passage of healthcare reform directly affected my family and for his vote I will always be thankful.

As he wrapped up and opened to questions, Congressman Boccieri said that he has no regrets. He is proud of all the bills he has voted for– or against and that he is working hard to continue working for Ohio’s 16th District.  He challenged us to have no regrets… should have worked harder, talked to more neighbors, donated more… when election night comes along.

I’m going to take him up on that challenge. I will work harder than I have been, re-examine our budget to see what more we can donate, and fight the good fight to keep this good man in office. Will you join me?

Strickland Vs. Kasich

25 09 2010

The gubernatorial race is pretty much in a dead heat in Ohio… Democratic Governor Ted Strickland vs. Republican Businessman John Kasich… they’re neck in neck in the polls and supporters on both sides are fired up…

I’m voting for Ted Strickland. There are lots of reasons that I’ve chosen him:

Strickland has done a good job of laying the foundation for Ohio to become a powerhouse of industry– clean industry– he has kept the ship afloat in very hard times for our State and has made progress despite the budgetary cuts… He secured stimulus funds that will position us to become a transportation hub, he has begun a long process that will improve our schools and– he genuinely cares about us… the people… the average guy who works hard, studies hard and follows the “rules”….

Strickland’s record are only part of his assets– Frances Strickland has worked hard on behalf of Ohio’s families through Family and Children First Council– the processes are now much more family oriented and involved, she has made a difference in the lives of families who are in crisis because of issues with their children’s mental health or behavioral issues.  I know that we don’t elect spouses– but, in a lot of ways, our elected officials are a lot like our pastors– right or wrong– when we get two for the price of one, like we do with the Stricklands, we come out ahead.

Kasich? Well… he’s managed to amass personal wealth. He has no specific plans or ideas… at least that he’ll share with us. He says less government but won’t identify what he’d cut. Honestly, I watch the news, read the paper and do plenty of online news reading– I have no idea what this guy would DO if elected.

Strickland isn’t perfect… I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring in casinos while cutting addiction services funding by 40%… — but, if that’s my only serious complaint about him; he’s doing a pretty good job in my eyes.

Don’t forget to vote– it’s only a few weeks off and early voting starts next week– if you don’t vote; you have a right to complain!

My Pledge to America

24 09 2010

Democrats, Independents and Sane People of the United States– it’s time to get mad and get to work! Our future– our children’s futures depend on keeping “Sharron”, Samantha O’Donnell and their ilk away from our laws. We’ve gotten a lot done in the last year and a half but if we’re ever going to get out of this mess– electing the people who got us into makes no sense!

The Tea-GOP made a big deal of un-veiling their Pledge to America yesterday– but, didn’t even bother changing the script from 1998!

Watch last night’s ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’

 John Boehner  said (again) “We’re not going to change”… that dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks– why would we elect the party who keeps drinking out of the toilet– because they say they have a plan? Because after voting against everything they’re now claiming they’re going to start playing with the kids across the aisle? Please! Are we THAT gullible?

We are not a dying breed and we’re  not a silent majority– we’re just polite. We compromise ourselves out of the things we belive in and give away the biggest piece of candy on a regular basis… ENOUGH!

We’re in a fight for our children’s future! We compromised on universal healthcare and shied away from DADT… we backed down from the Tea-GOP bullies on maintaining lower taxes for the middle class and we’re too nice to even call them out on their lies… ENOUGH!

It’s time for us to understand that “the Party of  NO” isn’t just a name– it’s their policy! We’ve squandered the majority and now are at risk of loosing it… ENOUGH!

Here is MY Pledge:

I, Hfamom– pledge to work to increase the democratic majority, to call out the Tea-GOP as they attack kids with pre-existing conditions, I will campaign for and donate to Progressive candidates, I will educate myself on the issues and take on any Tea- GOP-er that wants to talk rationally– I will work to make this country a better place for my kid.

What is YOUR pledge?

408 Candidates Running for President

15 01 2008

Did you know that there are actually 408 people who have registered to enter the Presidential Race?

Party Principal
Count Total Receipts Count Total Receipts
Major Parties
Democratic 11 $246,414,629 80 $32,937
Republican 12 $174,342,761 95 $326,087
Major Third Parties
Green     12 $8,316
Libertarian     16 $159,396
Reform     2 $400
Other Third Parties
American Independent     4  
American     1  
Constitution     3  
Independent American     2  
Peace And Freedom     2  
Personal Choice     1  
Prohibition Party     2  
Socialist Party USA     13  
Socialist Workers Party     1  
United Citizens     1  
Independent     88 $230,037
No Party Affiliation     18 $21,620
Unaffiliated     15  
Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable
Not readily classifiable     28 $27,360
Write-in     1  
Subtotal 23 $420,757,390 385 $806,153
Grand Total: 408 candidates, $421,563,543 total receipts

 According to “Green Papers” (see link above) all you have to do is come up with the cash in order to be a Presidential Candidate– as we learned from Colbert;  the cash isn’t enough… the Party has to accept you… although there are plenty of Independents on board here who, from what I understand only have to come up with the cash.

I’m not so naive as to believe that a Presidential race can be won without a lot (a Whole Lot) of money but isn’t it unfortunate that it’s the first requirement?  I wonder how much Abraham Lincoln spent on his campaign… Those train rides must have cost something… and, obviously he didn’t have the option of spending millions on TV ads.

So… what’s my point? Are any of the candidates true representatives of the population? (Edwards comes from a middle class background– do any of the other forerunners?) They must be privileged, well connected and well… loaded in order to pull this off.  How can we expect any of them to represent us– the average person– when they can’t relate to our very real concerns?

Maybe we should look at some of these other candidates– for instance who is  Jon Greenspon?

Jon Adam Greenspon of California
FEC id: P80004351. Total receipts: $400
Declaration of Intent of Candidacy: Thursday 24 May 2007
Campaign website:
Filed with the FEC as a Reform party candidate 24 May 2007. Refiled as an Independent circa 1 August 2007.
Address: 25576 3rd; Barstow, California 92311

I’m not suggesting that this man (who I randomly pulled out of the list) is a viable candidate.  But, he is a real person from a middle class background as are many of the other 350 plus candidates the mainstream media has never mentioned. (I wonder what would happen if the 24 hour pseudo news channels started talking about these other candidates…)

It seems as though the parties– and their constituents are so divided– maybe we should take a look at these other people… there might be a real gem in the bunch that we could get excited about.