Edwards Drops Out of Presidential Race

30 01 2008

I first supported Richardson and he dropped out. Then I supported Edwards and now he’s gone. Maybe I should support the one I agree the least with and support him or her… with my track record that should get them out of the race.

So, where does this leave us?

On one side is the War-Mongering-Economic-Idiot McCain and the Very-Educated-But-Can’t-Keep-My-Story-Straight Romney.  On the other side is the Billary Dynasty and the Kid.  What choice is there?

McCain isn’t an option for me. He is strong on War and week on Economy. And, does he even know what “Autism” is?

Romney might be strong on Economy but he can’t remember what he just promised so we can’t expect him to keep any of his promises.

Let’s not forget Ron Paul… He’s the candidate of the lunatic fringe… sorry– you don’t have to agree with me. I believe in the Constitution. I like the idea of less taxation but, I can’t understand how our educational system and infrastructure could endure 4 years without support.

Hucklebee— I really don’t have much to say about him. He has no position on Autism. He wants to re-write the constitution.  On the other hand– the guy is really like-able! Have you seen him on the Colbert Report?

Billary: Enough already.  Bill may have been a pretty good President overall but, don’t we want change? We’ve had 8 years of the Clintons. We, the People, wasted a lot of money to find out who he was playing footsie with while he was supposed to be governing… And, really– if Hillary is the candidate (still not sure who’s running that show) she has no experience to speak of– a couple of terms in the Senate; so what? She was not the President and if she’s trying to claim the years she slept in the White House as experience then I should be Ambassador to Brasil since I grew up there! Come on!.. (Anybody remember NAFTA?)

Finally we have Obama…. Humm… He strikes me as lacking confidence. Have you noticed how he takes so long to answer a question? I understand that he has to be careful not to give Billary (and Jon Stewart) and fodder but, he isn’t thinking on his feet.  He’s got his stump speech down and is very charismatic, has some good quot-ables and decent policy but, watch him in the debate on Thursday… I really don’t think he’s got it.

I’ve threatened to do this before but, I think I’ll write in Stephen Colbert.

NOTE: I welcome your opinion and will post opinions that differ from mine but only if written in a polite manner. No insults will be posted.  Make your case for your candidate of choice but do so in a respectful manner. Thank you.

Undecided Voter? Take These Candidate Quizzes

29 01 2008

Mine always end up pretty close– the same two are my top matches (Edwards and Gravel) but they vary a little in the order they fall.

USA TODAY: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/election2008/candidate-match-game.htm

GLASS BOOTH: http://glassbooth.org/

VA JOE: http://www.vajoe.com/candidate_calculator.html

ABC NEWS: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Vote2008/page?id=3623346 (This one is so similar to the USA Today version– but it has little candidates jumping around inside the White House so it’s kind of fun!)

A WORD OF CAUTION:  While none of the above links do, some of the quizzes that are out there require you to give them your email address in order to find out who you match up with.  I don’t give that out to anyone I don’t know and/or trust. (After all, how many Viagra offers can a gal handle in a day?)

Hey! Candidates– watch this before you finalize your healthcare plans!

12 01 2008


Why Would Any Self-Respecting Person Agree to Appear on O’Reilly?

12 01 2008

O’Reilly is certainly the most obnoxious person on television. I rank him higher than Bart and Jessica Simpson. This isn’t a newsflash– O’Reilly has become more and more aggressive towards his guests and yet these otherwise rational people still agree to enter the ring.

I can’t imagine that these people would have any interest in attracting the votes of O’Reilly’s audience. They are the radical fringe. They are the brain-washed masses.

It came as a great surprise to me that Ron Paul went on that show last September  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7JPvbVsDdY. Certainly Paul didn’t think that the “Worst Person in The World” would listen to him or even treat him with basic human decency.

Again, points to Obama for blowing him off!

YouTube is a better source of News than 24 Hour News Networks

12 01 2008

I have learned more about the candidates’ views in one hour on YouTube than in months of switching between CNN and MSNBC. I don’t watch Fox Noise and don’t watch enough PBS.

In only one hour I learned the basics of what Ron Paul believes. It’s pretty simple: He believes in the Constitution. He believes in Law. He believes in giving the people the power to define their own destiny.  Not bad.

I don’t really understand yet how this country would continue to improve (repair) roads, fund education and social security without taxes but, I’m willing to bet that another hour on YouTube would give me the answers I seek.

My criticism of the mainstream media comes from both the perspective of a former Newsie, and that of a consumer with education, experience and opinion.

I’m tired of television. Not to the point my brother has reached– he hasn’t even had a TV for the last couple of years– but I think it’s time to reduce my viewing of news channels to debates and breaking news– give me only news, no opinions– that’s for the OP-Ed page and blogs. Funny how between YouTube and The/A Daily Show I can get all the National and International news I need.

I Hate “Spin”– But I Do See It’s Value

12 01 2008

I’ve been so distracted by the newsletter stories about Ron Paul that I’m missing his message. Perhaps if his spin doctors were more productive I’d be able to hear what he really has to say.

TV news isn’t, for the most part, news anymore.  I’d really like for them to spend more time telling me what the candidates are promising, what they believe– who they are, rather than who missed what or what McCain’s smirk means.  They don’t give us enough credit.  I know what a smirk is and I know what it means.

Despite being registered with one of the two major parties I’m not committed to voting for either one. I like John Edwards. I like Obama. I wish I liked Clinton (see “I love to hate Hillary Clinton..” from earlier this week). I want to like Ron Paul. I want to like McCain. I want to like Huckabee.

For the most part these are likable people. They are genuine. They are good people. They are also human and make mistakes– miss opportunities– run out of time to read all the newsletters, press releases and so forth. Maybe what they all need– I do mean all– is to surround themselves with people who are meticulous, tireless and faithful to their candidate. They need superior spin doctors and advisers.

Because the mainstream media is so out of control Spin is important .

The Pundits Are Back To Predicting

11 01 2008

Didn’t they learn anything from New Hampshire?

Frankly, I (who spent a decade producing TV News) really thought they’d be a little more cautious after the embarrassment of earlier this week– No such luck!  The only thing that’s saving these guys from themselves is a busy news-day.

Before the incident of 24 Hour Cable News Channels there were far less opportunities for embarrassing predictions/declarations… course in those days News meant something.  It was objective– report the facts of a story in 2 minutes or less. Sadly no more… CNN tonight referred to Michigan lawmakers as “fools”… where is the news? Ranting Newscaster is not news.

My mother only watches PBS… maybe she has the right idea…