Primaries Deny a Voice to Most Americans

31 01 2008

I am so glad that I haven’t had a chance to vote yet. If I had, my vote for Edwards would have been given away to another candidate.  I read a blog this morning talking about how voting early in primaries isn’t a good idea– too many votes are wasted by candidates dropping out.

Folks in Ohio don’t necessarially prioritize the same things as they do in New Hampshire, Iowa or South Carolina. Maybe one of the first Primaries should be held in Indiana, Ohio or Illinois… but, then what about Texas, Arizona and Georgia? There isn’t a true sampling of the American fabric in the early primaries and therefore we aren’t all heard.

The American system of Presidential election is so bizarre from the point of view of the rest of the world. We sort. A couple of States get to thin out who they like best and the rest of us are stuck with a dwindling field of candidates. 

Maybe it’s time to move back to Brasil where I couldn’t vote but at least I knew upfront that my vote wouldn’t count and my voice was unheard.


Richardson is OFFICIALLY out of the race

10 01 2008

Bill Richardson: (In a nutshell)

Just announced he is ending his Campaign for President of the United States– wished he could have told us first and not allowed us to hear it from the media