YouTube is a better source of News than 24 Hour News Networks

12 01 2008

I have learned more about the candidates’ views in one hour on YouTube than in months of switching between CNN and MSNBC. I don’t watch Fox Noise and don’t watch enough PBS.

In only one hour I learned the basics of what Ron Paul believes. It’s pretty simple: He believes in the Constitution. He believes in Law. He believes in giving the people the power to define their own destiny.  Not bad.

I don’t really understand yet how this country would continue to improve (repair) roads, fund education and social security without taxes but, I’m willing to bet that another hour on YouTube would give me the answers I seek.

My criticism of the mainstream media comes from both the perspective of a former Newsie, and that of a consumer with education, experience and opinion.

I’m tired of television. Not to the point my brother has reached– he hasn’t even had a TV for the last couple of years– but I think it’s time to reduce my viewing of news channels to debates and breaking news– give me only news, no opinions– that’s for the OP-Ed page and blogs. Funny how between YouTube and The/A Daily Show I can get all the National and International news I need.


I Love to Hate Clinton… but there are cracks in my armor

9 01 2008

I don’t like Hillary Clinton. It’s everything and nothing about her. Maybe I’m too old fashioned… maybe she seemed like a big phony… maybe she “stood by her (lying, cheating, SOB) man”… whatever it is– was– I’m starting to re-think my position.

Her contained, lady-like, emotional display earlier this week made me look at her as if she is human for the first time.  I lived in Washington DC when the Clintons arrived– at the time of the very suspicious suicide, at the time when their investments were questioned and there were all kinds of rumors circling about her having an affair of her own… by the time Monica came along I was gone from there and no longer privy to inside the beltway gossip– I’ll bet it was fun at the RNC!!

I have friends who are big Hillary supporters and know her personally. They say that in person she is a real human being– funny, passionate and smart. I’ve never met her and don’t have a personal experience to draw upon.

 Anyway, I’m going to take a new look at her Health Care and Autism Plans and see where that leads me.  Economically– I think she has as good of a shot at fixing things as any of the other top candidates. These are the issues that matter the most to me and will weigh much heavier than their like-ability or what they think about immigration or abortion. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.