Contact the Candidates– Let’s get them talking about Autism!

18 01 2008

Let’s get the candidates talking about Autism. If you are reading this you most likely are a family or friend of a family with Autism. With the statistics skyrocketing we have to deal with it now.  Please consider Autism in your candidate choosing process and ask your candidate– or all of them– to start talking about it. 

To make it really easy for you– below are the links for contact pages for the top 10 candidates. Please ask them to start talking about Autism.


John Edwards:

Barack Obama:

Hillary Clinton:

Dennis Kucinich: (I couldn’t find anything beyond newsletter sign up)


John McCain:

Ron Paul:

Mitt Romney:

Mike Huckabee:  (I couldn’t find a fill out form for him– so, here’s the email address.)


Hey! Candidates– watch this before you finalize your healthcare plans!

12 01 2008