Primaries Deny a Voice to Most Americans

31 01 2008

I am so glad that I haven’t had a chance to vote yet. If I had, my vote for Edwards would have been given away to another candidate.  I read a blog this morning talking about how voting early in primaries isn’t a good idea– too many votes are wasted by candidates dropping out.

Folks in Ohio don’t necessarially prioritize the same things as they do in New Hampshire, Iowa or South Carolina. Maybe one of the first Primaries should be held in Indiana, Ohio or Illinois… but, then what about Texas, Arizona and Georgia? There isn’t a true sampling of the American fabric in the early primaries and therefore we aren’t all heard.

The American system of Presidential election is so bizarre from the point of view of the rest of the world. We sort. A couple of States get to thin out who they like best and the rest of us are stuck with a dwindling field of candidates. 

Maybe it’s time to move back to Brasil where I couldn’t vote but at least I knew upfront that my vote wouldn’t count and my voice was unheard.

Edwards Is Going Home. Who Will Speak For The Single Mother in Missouri?

30 01 2008

I’ve figured out what’s really bugging me about Edwards dropping out… He has used the personal stories of people in Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio… and isn’t giving those folks a chance to have their say.

By dropping out of the race before Super Tuesday he has stopped those voices from speaking for him.

What will he do for the single mother in Missouri who can’t afford to pay the rent and keep on the heat despite working a full time job and is concerned that Child Services will take her children away?  What will he do for the many he has told us about who have lost their jobs and are loosing their homes?  What will he do for the other 50 year olds with cleft palate who can’t afford to have it fixed?

He has walked away from the race before giving those folks a vote.

I can only hope that Edwards, as did Al Gore upon leaving politics, will become a crusader for the working poor– for the middle class– for those without health-care.

At the end of his speech in New Orleans today he said something to the effect that we shouldn’t worry about “this son of a mill worker”  Well, that’s hardly our concern… The Edwards family will go home their comfortable life and they will be fine… it’s the single mother in Missouri that I worry about.  Who will speak for her?

Will either of the democratic candidates speak for her? I guess time will tell…

Edwards Drops Out of Presidential Race

30 01 2008

I first supported Richardson and he dropped out. Then I supported Edwards and now he’s gone. Maybe I should support the one I agree the least with and support him or her… with my track record that should get them out of the race.

So, where does this leave us?

On one side is the War-Mongering-Economic-Idiot McCain and the Very-Educated-But-Can’t-Keep-My-Story-Straight Romney.  On the other side is the Billary Dynasty and the Kid.  What choice is there?

McCain isn’t an option for me. He is strong on War and week on Economy. And, does he even know what “Autism” is?

Romney might be strong on Economy but he can’t remember what he just promised so we can’t expect him to keep any of his promises.

Let’s not forget Ron Paul… He’s the candidate of the lunatic fringe… sorry– you don’t have to agree with me. I believe in the Constitution. I like the idea of less taxation but, I can’t understand how our educational system and infrastructure could endure 4 years without support.

Hucklebee— I really don’t have much to say about him. He has no position on Autism. He wants to re-write the constitution.  On the other hand– the guy is really like-able! Have you seen him on the Colbert Report?

Billary: Enough already.  Bill may have been a pretty good President overall but, don’t we want change? We’ve had 8 years of the Clintons. We, the People, wasted a lot of money to find out who he was playing footsie with while he was supposed to be governing… And, really– if Hillary is the candidate (still not sure who’s running that show) she has no experience to speak of– a couple of terms in the Senate; so what? She was not the President and if she’s trying to claim the years she slept in the White House as experience then I should be Ambassador to Brasil since I grew up there! Come on!.. (Anybody remember NAFTA?)

Finally we have Obama…. Humm… He strikes me as lacking confidence. Have you noticed how he takes so long to answer a question? I understand that he has to be careful not to give Billary (and Jon Stewart) and fodder but, he isn’t thinking on his feet.  He’s got his stump speech down and is very charismatic, has some good quot-ables and decent policy but, watch him in the debate on Thursday… I really don’t think he’s got it.

I’ve threatened to do this before but, I think I’ll write in Stephen Colbert.

NOTE: I welcome your opinion and will post opinions that differ from mine but only if written in a polite manner. No insults will be posted.  Make your case for your candidate of choice but do so in a respectful manner. Thank you.

Undecided Voter? Take These Candidate Quizzes

29 01 2008

Mine always end up pretty close– the same two are my top matches (Edwards and Gravel) but they vary a little in the order they fall.




ABC NEWS: (This one is so similar to the USA Today version– but it has little candidates jumping around inside the White House so it’s kind of fun!)

A WORD OF CAUTION:  While none of the above links do, some of the quizzes that are out there require you to give them your email address in order to find out who you match up with.  I don’t give that out to anyone I don’t know and/or trust. (After all, how many Viagra offers can a gal handle in a day?)

South Carolina Debate; Still No Mention of Autism

22 01 2008

Did I miss something? It was heated. Edwards, Clinton and Obama spent a lot of time on health-care and yet, they did not mention Autism. Statistically 1 in 150 children born today will be diagnosed with Autism and yet it again did not warrant mention in this lively debate.

Does the Autism community need to sponsor a debate in order to make it a national topic?

John Edwards’ Response to Autism Questionaire

19 01 2008

Below is the link to a questionaire with John Edwards’ responses in regard to autism. While I still want to see some passion– I’m getting close to being comfortable that Edwards will help middle class families with Autism.

I do not endorse A-Champ. However, I do appreciate this information.

John Edwards on Autism

18 01 2008

I spent some time looking around John Edwards’ website and in his blog section the mother of an autistic 12 year old (Austin), prouddem316 writes of Mr. Edwards: “He has looked me in the eye and said “things will change for kids like Austin” and I believe him, I do.”

I haven’t looked him in the eye. I don’t know whether to believe him or not… a debate about Autism would sure help!

I emailed Edwards’ campaign this morning and so far no form letter– points for him! 🙂 Obama and Clinton both sent form letters referring me to their sites… OK. I don’t expect them to call me but, come ‘on… that didn’t help. I’ll wait to see what becomes of the email to Edwards.