Edwards Drops Out of Presidential Race

30 01 2008

I first supported Richardson and he dropped out. Then I supported Edwards and now he’s gone. Maybe I should support the one I agree the least with and support him or her… with my track record that should get them out of the race.

So, where does this leave us?

On one side is the War-Mongering-Economic-Idiot McCain and the Very-Educated-But-Can’t-Keep-My-Story-Straight Romney.  On the other side is the Billary Dynasty and the Kid.  What choice is there?

McCain isn’t an option for me. He is strong on War and week on Economy. And, does he even know what “Autism” is?

Romney might be strong on Economy but he can’t remember what he just promised so we can’t expect him to keep any of his promises.

Let’s not forget Ron Paul… He’s the candidate of the lunatic fringe… sorry– you don’t have to agree with me. I believe in the Constitution. I like the idea of less taxation but, I can’t understand how our educational system and infrastructure could endure 4 years without support.

Hucklebee— I really don’t have much to say about him. He has no position on Autism. He wants to re-write the constitution.  On the other hand– the guy is really like-able! Have you seen him on the Colbert Report?

Billary: Enough already.  Bill may have been a pretty good President overall but, don’t we want change? We’ve had 8 years of the Clintons. We, the People, wasted a lot of money to find out who he was playing footsie with while he was supposed to be governing… And, really– if Hillary is the candidate (still not sure who’s running that show) she has no experience to speak of– a couple of terms in the Senate; so what? She was not the President and if she’s trying to claim the years she slept in the White House as experience then I should be Ambassador to Brasil since I grew up there! Come on!.. (Anybody remember NAFTA?)

Finally we have Obama…. Humm… He strikes me as lacking confidence. Have you noticed how he takes so long to answer a question? I understand that he has to be careful not to give Billary (and Jon Stewart) and fodder but, he isn’t thinking on his feet.  He’s got his stump speech down and is very charismatic, has some good quot-ables and decent policy but, watch him in the debate on Thursday… I really don’t think he’s got it.

I’ve threatened to do this before but, I think I’ll write in Stephen Colbert.

NOTE: I welcome your opinion and will post opinions that differ from mine but only if written in a polite manner. No insults will be posted.  Make your case for your candidate of choice but do so in a respectful manner. Thank you.




5 responses

30 01 2008

That Obama pauses several seconds before he answers tells me that he is thinking rather than regurgitating some talking point that he has memorized.

I think that Edwards would make a great Attorney General. The only 2 things he has done is sue doctors and run for President. His 6 years in the US Senate was remarkable only for being gung-ho for the Iraq war until it became unpopular. He would be a great hatchet man for Obama in going after greedy corporations who are ruining our country.

Richardson would be great as VP. Arguably , his “experience” is the most impressive in breadth and depth of ANY of the candidates. He would add substance to the judgement, vision and eloquence of Obama.(Not that Obama is without substance)

For Edwards VP under Clinton would be meaningless with Bill, in the Picture.

Biden seems to be cozying up to Hillary and would be great as Secretary of State if he had not voted for the war. His “soft partition of Iraq” makes sense to me. It could work with Obama if he said up front “I was wrong about my vote”

Hillary would be eaten alive by McCain when she starts bragging about her “vast experience” and ability to be commander-in-chief on day one.

Hillary would have to put lipstick on that pig she voted for (the war in Iraq)

I have contributed $400 so far to Obama and I have driven from central Illinois to Iowa and have frozen my 69 year old white butt off, trudging through the snow campaigning from door-to-door for Obama a total of five days in November and December.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your passion for your candidate and agree that it’s a very big positive for a President to think things through before speaking. My 73 year old father is excited about Obama also. It’s interesting to me that Obama is touted by the mainstream media as appealing to young voters and yet, in my experience, Senior are his strong supporters.

30 01 2008

I’m sad our boy is gone. I think he’s done great things for labor/unions and the general Dem and progressive way. I can’t imagine Clinton picking him for a running mate, and don’t think Obama will pick him either, and am frankly not sure he’d accept if asked. I see Obama as someone who will cave to corporations (and I think Clinton will do so as well). Despite his enormous wealth, I think Edwards is the only candidate truly connected with and for the people.

Sigh. The race is getting less interesting every day as people continue to drop out! But at least it’s still a race. Guess I’ll be throwing my hat in with the Clinton camp.

Girlfriend, Clinton? Really? I guess she is the strongest as far as Autism is concerned and her healthcare plan is closest to Edwards… do you really want Bill back for another 4-8 years? (Guess I should have stayed out of the pundit business, huh?)

30 01 2008

As I said above

Hillary would be eaten alive by McCain when she starts bragging about her “vast experience” and ability to be commander-in-chief on Day One.

McCain’s Achilles heel is his insistance the the Iraq war was a noble cause. (a sentiment unshared by only 30% of Americans at best)

McCain can say that Hillary voted for the war and supported it until it became unpopular.

Most polls say that Obama does better against McCain.

Edwards would make a good Attorney General in either Clinton’s or Obama’s cabinet.

Habitat for Humanity seems to me to be a dead-end. Attorney General could lead to other things.

30 01 2008

I know, dear friend, I know! I just rec’d my early voting ballot today and wanted to fill in Edwards anyway. I’m just sad that the two people left for the Dems are the two I liked the least. Perhaps I should hold out hope for an revived Edwards/Richardson ticket at the last minute? LOL!


What about Wilddaisy/hfamom ticket? We could fix ’em! LOL!

31 01 2008


A Richardson/Edwards ticket would make more sense to me. Richardson is emminantly qualified to be President but like many well qualified people he apparently lacks the pizzaz necessary for people to vote for him.

While Edwards has a lot of raw talent: intelligence, tenacity, focus, a photographic memory, work ethic and eloquence, he has not shown me even experience much less success in government. He has basically done 2 things since law school; Suing doctors and running for President. His 6 years in the US Senate is remarkable only for being gung-ho for the Iraq war until it became unpopular.

His success as a trial lawyer and his passion for advocating for the forgotten middle class make me think that he would possibly be a great Attorney General in the style of Bobby Kennedy.

If it would help Obama to be elected, I could sit still for him as VP candidate (although I would prefer to see Richardson in that role).

All this, of course, is probably wishful thinking.

What are we without hope? Wishful thinking or not, I can’t imagine that either Richardson or Edwards are out of the National scene. I’ve wondered if Richardson would show up in a VP position. He certainly has the experience and knowledge to make a great candidate– maybe he just lacked the “Star” factor needed to win a race. Edwards is passionate and appears to really have the best of the people at heart. I doubt that Edwards will show up on a ticket and, I think he is finished as far as running for President in the next round.

Perhaps you’re right– Attorney General for Edwards– although I don’t know if that position would allow him to pursue his passion. Biden and Gravel are interesting too… I wonder how they’ll end up in the next administration… and, even Kucinich has some interesting ideas. This will certainly continue to be an interesting race (and administration set-up) to watch.

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