I Hate “Spin”– But I Do See It’s Value

12 01 2008

I’ve been so distracted by the newsletter stories about Ron Paul that I’m missing his message. Perhaps if his spin doctors were more productive I’d be able to hear what he really has to say.

TV news isn’t, for the most part, news anymore.  I’d really like for them to spend more time telling me what the candidates are promising, what they believe– who they are, rather than who missed what or what McCain’s smirk means.  They don’t give us enough credit.  I know what a smirk is and I know what it means.

Despite being registered with one of the two major parties I’m not committed to voting for either one. I like John Edwards. I like Obama. I wish I liked Clinton (see “I love to hate Hillary Clinton..” from earlier this week). I want to like Ron Paul. I want to like McCain. I want to like Huckabee.

For the most part these are likable people. They are genuine. They are good people. They are also human and make mistakes– miss opportunities– run out of time to read all the newsletters, press releases and so forth. Maybe what they all need– I do mean all– is to surround themselves with people who are meticulous, tireless and faithful to their candidate. They need superior spin doctors and advisers.

Because the mainstream media is so out of control Spin is important .

What I Want To See In Any Candidate’s Autism Plan

9 01 2008

So far I’ve only found an Autism Plan from the Clinton camp. It’s pretty vague… Good points but no real punch.

While health insurance is important for all of us– whether dealing with Autism or not– the policies we have available to us don’t cover the extras we need to help our kids over the proverbial Autism hump– speech therapy, occupational therapy, special foods, fences and other safety devices, trampolines… While there are programs and grants too many of us fall above the financial cut off line yet can’t afford these extras on our own. The middle class is as touched by Autism as the rest of the economic groups but we are shut out.

A year or so ago we tried to get our son on SSI. We tried to get a subsidised or free summer camp program. We talked to Social Services, the Board of Education and even the United Way– nothing. We make too much but not enough.

I want to see an Autism Plan that includes the extras with a reasonable financial cut off to qualify. People who can’t walk can get wheel chairs from their insurance companies– why can’t people who can’t talk get speech therapy?

While the idea of all of America getting a plan comparable to that of the US Senate without the salaries they receive we still can’t do what our children need.