Edwards Is Going Home. Who Will Speak For The Single Mother in Missouri?

30 01 2008

I’ve figured out what’s really bugging me about Edwards dropping out… He has used the personal stories of people in Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio… and isn’t giving those folks a chance to have their say.

By dropping out of the race before Super Tuesday he has stopped those voices from speaking for him.

What will he do for the single mother in Missouri who can’t afford to pay the rent and keep on the heat despite working a full time job and is concerned that Child Services will take her children away?  What will he do for the many he has told us about who have lost their jobs and are loosing their homes?  What will he do for the other 50 year olds with cleft palate who can’t afford to have it fixed?

He has walked away from the race before giving those folks a vote.

I can only hope that Edwards, as did Al Gore upon leaving politics, will become a crusader for the working poor– for the middle class– for those without health-care.

At the end of his speech in New Orleans today he said something to the effect that we shouldn’t worry about “this son of a mill worker”  Well, that’s hardly our concern… The Edwards family will go home their comfortable life and they will be fine… it’s the single mother in Missouri that I worry about.  Who will speak for her?

Will either of the democratic candidates speak for her? I guess time will tell…




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31 01 2008

Hey friend – I keep trying to talk to you, but don’t know how to respond to your responses and keep ending up in a conversation with someone else! (Albeit an interesting one!)

RE: your comment about Clinton – I agree with you in not being real jazzed about 4 more years of Clinton, but I guess I feel like she’s more of a known entity than Obama, so I feel more comfortable with her. That being said, I was listening to Air America radio yesterday and the thought there was that like no one else, Clinton being the candidate will mobilize the right to vote (against her) simply because they hate her so much. I suspect that’s probably a likely scenario. It’s a conundrum for sure – one I am not happy about! I don’t like voting for who will be more likely to win against the right – I want to vote for the candidate who will do the best job and I still say Edwards!

Sorry, been a little off today– trying to clean the basement and keep getting distracted! You know, I could make a fortune on Ebay! LOL!

I don’t “hate” Clinton but, I don’t trust her… and, I’ve had enough of dynastys… on the other hand, I’m not crazy about Obama. On the other side Huckabee’s tax policy proposal sounds interesting but I’m having trouble getting my head around it. It sounds- in theory- more fair; sales tax only not income tax. I don’t know. But, his idea or rewritting the Constitution doesn’t bode well with me so, I don’t know… but, really? Clinton? 🙂


31 01 2008

I know…I consider it the lesser of many “evils.” I don’t really think any of the candidates are evil, just a figure of speech. It’s funny – I started this whole thing being a Clinton fan, and now I’m a reluctant, feels forced into it fan.

You make me laugh, sister!

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