Keith Olberman and John Edwards vs. Bill O’Reilly

23 01 2008

My car has a Keith Olberman ’08 bumper sticker. I’m going to vote for John Edwards. Bill O’Reilly… Good Lord! Where to begin?

In watching Countdown tonight I got the impression that Olberman is leaning towards Edwards– nothing overt or unprofessional but, there’s my take on it.  Edwards was interviewed regarding his campaign and about the chronically “Worst Person in the World.”

Edwards and O’Rilley are in an Olberman-O’Reilly style back and forth about the number of US Veterans are living on the streets. O’Rilley has backed off since his initial (paraphrased) “Edwards is full of crap.”  While Bill the Bully has still not conceded that Edwards actually has fact on his side while he has nothing but inflammatory opinion.

I gave Obama points for blowing off O’Reilly a couple of weeks ago. Edwards gets more than points: he gets my vote!


Obama Blew off O’Reilly– Points for him!

8 01 2008

I really enjoyed Olberman’s piece on Obama blowing off Bill O’Reilly– Obama was polite but pointed. As O’Reilly (who is consistently the Worst Person in the World) pushed through the crowd trying to get the Senator to have a few words with him, Obama kept walking and simply said that he would talk to O’Reilly after the Primaries– didn’t say he’d do it after which or how long after them.

O’Reilly is the most egotistical journalist and has a definite John Wayne all guns blazing attitude.  Maybe someday a conscience and need to fact check will overtake him but, I’m not betting on it.  In the meantime, I’ll just watch another channel.