Strickland Vs. Kasich

25 09 2010

The gubernatorial race is pretty much in a dead heat in Ohio… Democratic Governor Ted Strickland vs. Republican Businessman John Kasich… they’re neck in neck in the polls and supporters on both sides are fired up…

I’m voting for Ted Strickland. There are lots of reasons that I’ve chosen him:

Strickland has done a good job of laying the foundation for Ohio to become a powerhouse of industry– clean industry– he has kept the ship afloat in very hard times for our State and has made progress despite the budgetary cuts… He secured stimulus funds that will position us to become a transportation hub, he has begun a long process that will improve our schools and– he genuinely cares about us… the people… the average guy who works hard, studies hard and follows the “rules”….

Strickland’s record are only part of his assets– Frances Strickland has worked hard on behalf of Ohio’s families through Family and Children First Council– the processes are now much more family oriented and involved, she has made a difference in the lives of families who are in crisis because of issues with their children’s mental health or behavioral issues.  I know that we don’t elect spouses– but, in a lot of ways, our elected officials are a lot like our pastors– right or wrong– when we get two for the price of one, like we do with the Stricklands, we come out ahead.

Kasich? Well… he’s managed to amass personal wealth. He has no specific plans or ideas… at least that he’ll share with us. He says less government but won’t identify what he’d cut. Honestly, I watch the news, read the paper and do plenty of online news reading– I have no idea what this guy would DO if elected.

Strickland isn’t perfect… I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring in casinos while cutting addiction services funding by 40%… — but, if that’s my only serious complaint about him; he’s doing a pretty good job in my eyes.

Don’t forget to vote– it’s only a few weeks off and early voting starts next week– if you don’t vote; you have a right to complain!




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