Rain Barrels

15 03 2008

I have just figured out how easy it is to make a rain barrel.  First I did my on-line search and found that they range (with shipping) between $100 and $450… what’s the incentive?! Ok… I’m all for earth conservation– recycle, reduce, reuse and all that but come on! Gotta be able to save some money on the water bill within a year or two, right?

So– what you need is a plastic barrel (wood works too but unless you luck into a great yard sale that’s more expense than it’s worth), a rain chain (can be made out of copper wire for only a couple of bucks) or gutter extender, a piece of hose for over flow, faucet and a screen to keep leaves out.  Also, recommended are mosquito rings– go organic so it’s ok to use in the garden and around pets. Total cost with no shipping–$50-60. Now, that is reasonable. Run an on line search and you’ll find the “how to” guide pretty easily.

I’m going to make three rain barrels in the next few weeks. I’m guessing I’ll be able to make my investment back inside of two seasons. It’s a responsible use of a free resource and can be used to shame my neighbors into a little Eco friendliness!




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15 03 2008

Oooo! Dish it up! How do you do this? Can you email me the site? My particular environmental gig of the summer is putting in a place for bees….but this would be fabulous too!

Here’s the one I’m using:


There are a ton of them! And, kits you can buy for $40ish that have what you need if you already have a barrel– See comments above for a couple of options. Chris has an amazing set up! I’m not that ambitious… I’m thinking 3-4 barrels– but, you gotta see his set up!

Bees? Wow! Are you planning to keep them for honey?

15 03 2008

LOL! I know what you mean about the price. I like the idea of simple rain chains because the gutter was the most expensive part of my rain barrel collection:

It’s a 600 gallon cistern made from 55 gallon barrels for $120.

Do the rain chains lose much water from splashing?

I don’t think it looses much water but this is my first try at it… I like the look and sound of the chain… Gotta have some vanity even while saving the planet, right?

15 03 2008

Oops, I forgot the www on the URL!
55 gallon barrel rain collection that harvests 600 gallons:


15 03 2008

You might want to check out the rain barrel kits offered by http://www.aquabarrel.com = using the patent pending design you will be able to build the most intelligent design on the market 😉

Thanks, Sue! I’ll check it out!

9 05 2013

Good post. I will be dealing with some of these issues
as well..

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