J Is Finally Sleeping In His Own Bed– ALL NIGHT!

16 03 2008

Maybe it’s a miracle of Daytrana (the ADD patch he’s on now) or maybe he’s finally buying into the “You’re too big to sleep with us” that we have been feeding him a constant diet of for the last three or four… five years…  but he’s slept in his own bed, in his own room, with his own pillows, blankets, toys and jammies for the past week.

It was never our intention for him to sleep with us. But, as soon as J was mobile enough to ditch his crib he has been climbing into bed with us in the middle of the night. When we up-sized to a California king it was tolerable… until the beagle started sleeping with us… then, the hot flashes began and it was too crowded! Too hot! Too… unbearable!

But now that J has bought into being a “Big Boy” it’s gotten kinda lonely… When his Dad isn’t home yet at bedtime and the beagle is planted at the foot of the bed it’s just lonely… a few nights ago J closed his door, turned off the light and climbed in bed all by himself before I had even put the toothpaste away…

I know that kids grow up. I know that eight is way too old to be sleeping with us. I know I’ll get used to it but I miss falling back to sleep with J’s fingers snagged in my hair…




3 responses

16 03 2008

Sweet!! Congratulations 🙂

17 03 2008

YAHOO! That is HUGE. I understand your missing him, but YAHOO! That’s great. Sometimes side effects are good things!

Thanks, Darcy! It really is bitter sweet… I’m just making him give me extra hugs before bedtime to make up for the loss… His bus assistant said he’s been talking a lot more– give and take conversation! YEAH!! The patch is a God send!

26 04 2008

We have just started our seven year old son Charlie on Daytrana. We are alarmed by the skin irritation. If there is anything that you can tell me about how you feel your son is doing with this, I would be grateful.

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