Thinking About Uncle Stan

18 03 2008

With Luke on American Idol (he was voted off last week… guess I didn’t vote enough while I had the flu…) I’ve been thinking about family members who I haven’t thought about very often or seen in many years. Uncle Stan in particular. He was my great uncle and passed away more than a decade ago.

Uncle Stan was a gentle, soft spoken man who gave great hugs and had a wonderful contagious smile.

One Spring Break in college, a friend and I drove to Florida and spent the week with my grandparents. My grandparents took us to Homossassa Springs attraction with my great uncle and aunt where they have a petting zoo and take you out to see the manatees.

I don’t remember a lot of details– it was many moons ago– but, I do remember sitting on a bench and talking to Uncle Stan.  He was genuinely interested in me. He wanted to know about my life and interests. He was a very kind man and I miss him.

There is a word in Portugues that just doesn’t transulate into English– Saudade. It means to miss someone/place but much more. Saudade doesn’t refer to a thing you’ve misplaced– it infers a longing, even an ache.  Saudade has a wish attached– I wish I could be there, see that person, return to that time. I feel Saudade for Uncle Stan. 

He would be so proud of his grandchildren and their accomplishments. I wish I’d known him better. I wish I still had that chance.




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