ADD and Autism… Pass the Meds!

10 03 2008

J was screened for ADHD last week and is now on the Daytrana patch. I’m not sure how I feel about my little fella being on another daily medication (He takes Glycol for his constipation already) but, whatever it takes to help him grow into a productive member of society… we’re committed to helping him despite our reservations.

When I was filling out the questionnaire prior to the screening for ADHD I wanted to write paragraphs not just circle numbers– “yeah…. he hurts people physically sometimes but it’s not malicious! He gets overloaded… frustrated and just lashes out. He’s a good boy!” But, these questionnaires aren’t personalized… they don’t really want to know him just whether or not he has certain markers that categorize him. 

There are 10 possible markers for attentional (as opposed to behavioral) issues. J has 8 according to his teacher’s assessment, 7 according to mine and 4 according to his father’s… My husband tends to be a little rosy… and, his time with J is fun– he gets the play time, snuggle for bed time not reading time, not chores– just the fun stuff so he doesn’t know the struggle to get through a chapter of Junnie B. Jones or  getting the dogs fed. J does have ADD. (The H is for Hyperactive and J doesn’t have that part… just attention defecit)

We talked to the Doctor about several options– meds that come in pill, powder and patch form and we selected the patch.  With J’s food issues and past fights over taking cold medicine we thought that was the best bet.

He’s been on it for three days and we think we’re seeing some positive changes. His appetite seems to have decreased so I’m making pizza every night–he loves peperoni pizza so I’m hopeful that he’ll eat some.  So far so good… but, I’m concerned that he’ll loose weight– and he doesn’t have any to spare! At least he doesn’t seem to have any of the other possible side effects (headaches, dizziness) or we’d have to find something else.

I don’t want to be overly optimistic or see things that aren’t there but,  it seems as though the fog is lifting for J.  His speech is more complete– sentences! Responses to questions and responses to his name called…. he’s reading better– doesn’t have to be re-directed as often. He’s following through with directions and seems to be clearer.

I’m glad he’s taking meds. I hope we are doing the right thing for him. I hope this makes the difference for him.