5 11 2010

Keith Olbermann was suspended today for making a donation to a Democratic candidate. In 2006, Joe Scarborough was forgiven for the same “infraction” because he isn’t a newscaster… he’s a commentator– or so said MSNBC’s spokesperson.

I miss the days when journalism had integrity and you actually had to treat news as appointment television. Those days are long gone– unless you’re my mother and McNeill Lehrer is on… We are inundated by opinion that is portrayed as fact. We are lied to regularly by the media– who cite each other as the source of their information.  (By the way… the President’s trip to India isn’t costing more than the Afghanistan war… )

MSNBC needs to be consistent. If they had suspended Scarborough for donating to a Republican it would be fair to suspend Olbermann for donating to a Democrat– since they didn’t– they shouldn’t have. This action against Keith reeks of partisanship.

Please sign this petition to get Olbermann back on the air… I don’t think I can take Anderson Cooper’s perfect hair for very long… http://act.boldprogressives.org/sign/petition_olbermann/?source=typ-fb&referring_akid=2630.279311.HsNjil




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