Could Palin be good for Special Needs Children?

3 09 2008

I’m voting for Obama. That’s not up for debate. I think Biden was a great choice for his side kick. I am voting for Obama.  So, nothing I say here should put that in doubt.

Like most Americans I know very little about Sarah Palin. I can’t remember seeing her photo or mention of her name until she was unveiled in a mostly empty auditorium last week. I don’t think that she has put in enough time to take over as leader of the free world if McCain keels over. I don’t think that her decision to carry a child with Downs Syndrome to term qualifies her any more than it qualifies my friend X who did the same thing. I wholeheartedly believe that both women made the right choice but, it doesn’t end there.

I do wonder if having the mother of a child with disabilities as the Nation’s second in command might benefit our children. (Let’s not get into whether or not Autism is a disability. What matters is that our children do need extra help as do children with Downs.)  So, would Palin help us? Is she interested in education? Healthcare? Social Security?  I’m interested to hear what she has to say on this matter.  Would she be an asset for our children or will she take the path that so many Republicans take? Make sure they are born but don’t help them after that.

My Dad says he is pro-all-of-life. He includes quality of life in his explanation– it’s not just about being alive but in having a happy life and being a contribution to society. It includes understanding and having a relationship with God.

So, this woman who obviously is pro-life, is she pro-all-of-life or just Anti-Abortion? I’ll be watching to see what she has to say. (But, I’m still voting for Obama!)




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4 09 2008

I also wonder if she would be a help or a hindrance to those of us who have special needs kiddos. ME TOO! and, unfortunately she didn’t say enough to make me believe she really would be of any help. Her journey is just beginning. I wonder what she will be like in 5 years.

4 09 2008

I listened to her speech and at first was really tickled that special needs children made the speech–ANYONE’s speech–at all! But then in thinking about the placement of her little pledge of friendship for special needs parents, it seemed like it was almost another piece of bait. She’s a woman (check), a mother (check), AND she can talk about special needs (check)–all she needed was to be black and have a wheelchair….
OMG! I didn’t realize you are a cynical as I am!! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more. She seems bright– maybe even nice and I was going right along until she got sarcastic about Obama. I wanted to hear WHAT she would do– what the heck does an “Advocate” do? Is that like a community organizer? (Or a mayor?) I’m still a Mama for Obama but, I do believe that she is going to be a tough opponent… maybe she’ll screw up in a debate with Biden and that’ll be that.

20 09 2008

The presence of a child with Down Syndrome will not improve the lives of average special needs families if the president and vice president are anti-government and have a party platform that does more harm than good — in areas ranging from the economy to health care to education. Read more at

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