More on Changing Schools

2 09 2008
I’ve started putting a binder together for my son’s new educational/therapy team– am including IEPs (to indicate progression) as well as report cards and progress reports, notes home from his teacher… all the things that will make the transition easier for my son– and, more immediately effective for his team.
Start identifying, in list form, the supports that work for your child:
What structure is provided at home and school? 
How does he communicate likes, dislikes, preferences?
Are there certain verbal prompts/cues you use with him at home and/or at school?
Identify his strengths, preferences.  
Does he have a behavior chain…in other words when he starts stressing or getting upset are there subtle cues/behaviors (such as wringing his hands, then pacing, etc).
Does he have a behavioral intervention plan?
What are his triggers? (Too loud, too fast, too… you know your child– what sets him off?)
Having all of this written out will help when you attempt to transition him to another school.
Ask your child’s teacher if you can have the tools that work for him– my son has a behavior wheel– He looses a green piece when he acts out, when all four are gone, it’s on to red… Red days are really bad! (No TV at home, no video games… only books are allowed and early to bed.)
The more proactive you can be the better for him– and, the better the move!



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