Evil Step-Mothers

5 06 2008

Let me start off by saying that I don’t have a step-mother. My mom is alive and well and we had lunch together today.  My best friend since college (that’s almost two decades of huge phone bills) has an evil step-mother.  This woman is nasty.  She has managed to turn my friend (Chola) into a pariah within her family… she yelled at her at Disney World! How much worse can you get?

Let me back up a little. Chola’s mother passed away suddenly from complications after a minor surgery.  Mom Jones was a wonderful woman! She checked in on me from time to time just because I was Chola’s friend. She cried with me when I found out that J has autism. She was a surrogate mother when my own mom was overseas for most of the last 20 years.  I miss her and her daughter really misses her. 

Dad Jones is from that generation (or is it just a culture?) that expects men to be taken care of my the women in their lives… first his mother, then his wife.  So, when Mom Jones died he went lookin’ for a new caretaker within a couple of months.  So, he marries this woman who he really doesn’t know and who turns out to have lied to him up one side and down the other and pretty much cuts Chola out of the picture because Becky the queen B#@*! doesn’t like her. Ok. I’m over simplyfying but the whole thing was just so immature that it’s barely worth remembering let alone writing down. 

Chola has resigned herself to having a very superficial relationship with her father… she is resigned to her own daughter not having real grandparents… She is coming to my family reunion this year and I know her daughter will be spoiled and loved on and treated like one of our own by the whole clan.

Here is an article that Chola sent me with this note “I can’t tell you how many times I wish she’d go away or get hers but even when she does … it doesn’t change anything does it?”  http://www.teresastrasser.com/pages/syndicated_column_63.html

I pray that my Mom lives forever…




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9 06 2008

I had an evil stepmom too. Sadly now she is my adopted mom (puke!). I’ve done everything I can to get away from me but she stalks me. My girls hate her. My husband tolerates her but not well.

Because of her I vowed to never be an evil stepmom. Now I am a stepmom to two teenagers. Before I married their dad I told him that his kids HAD to come before me. They were #1. And my kids were #1 too. I think he has done a pretty good job of that as have I. His son is still wary of me. He may always be and I don’t blame him at all. But his daughter is begging for me to adopt her so I know I must be doing something right in the stepmom department.

27 06 2008
Mrs. Morton II

I hate these stories. I am a stepmother and I never want my stepchildren to have these feelings for me.

It sounds to me that Dad Jones is depressed. Losing a wife is hard. Being lonely is hardier. I hope your friend finds a way to have a relationship with her remaining parent.

Its just so awful to think about not having either parent available.
Mrs. Morton II

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