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4 06 2008


what a clever joke…… of the other personalities I share a body with, is named Ivan!

He liked the joke as well……..

The Integral

4 06 2008

See, if only PopTarts could make a commercial of this…”PopTarts, teaching children the world over social skills and how to make friends.” Think how effective that would be for a marketing strategy! LOL! Seriously, though, love the comraderie of sharing the meal and sharing jokes. Very cool.
That’s so funny! My husband said the same thing– they should market PopTarts as an educational tool! 🙂

4 06 2008

Stopping by your blog for the first time…my son has autism and Pop Tarts are one of the only foods he’ll eat right now. We still have to reinforce them with something else, so I feel like a SUPER mom feeding him a strawberry frosted pop tart in the morning chased with Skittles or Cheetos!

Whatever works, right? I keep telling myself that variety is what really matters… We are a Cheetos family too! Hey– at least it’s not white food! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back soon!

17 11 2008

Hi, I just bumped into your blogs and finished reading your pages about the book “Ten things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew” – I have a 6 almost 7 yr old boy “M”, and M has been autistic now for about 4 yrs but we didn’t know it until only a few months ago when he was dignosed, before that it was thought to be ADHD, and before that we thought he was just misbehaving for the fun of it, or just refused to listen to us, being yelled at all the time (mainly from dad) but I am guilty for some of it also… I have big problems getting adjusted to it, reading your blogs really helped me understand a bit more, and I certainly will go and buy the book asap, I believe that it would help my husband and myself understand a lot more.
M has been on medications for the ADHD diagnosis with the $30 a month medications we could do, but I still was not happy with M’s behavior, blinking constantly as if trying to clarify his vision, but once off the meds, he would nolonger blink like he was, now he’s been diagnosed with Autism and the med’s price hiked up to $135 a month, and it’s hard to afford, I have not been able to buy them yet, and there are no generic brands out there yet for Adderall XR, there are alternatives: Ritalin LA and Dexedine Spansule, which are alittle cheaper, so now I am waiting to see his Doctor to see about getting his Rx changed.
Thanks for all you’ve written, I enjoy reading it all.
Bless you and your little “J”

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