Another Follow-Up on Daytrana

4 06 2008

Apparently the Academy of Pediatrics and Cardiology people are having a little tussle over whether kids on stimulants like Daytrana should have an EKG. Peds say no– Cards say yes.  Our Pediatrician says yes; Better safe than sorry. So we went in for an EKG earlier this week.

We went armed with a bag of books and the Leapster– amazingly I hadn’t even finished filling out the cardio questionnaire when we were called (I love this Dr.’s office– and the Dr.!) and went through the normal motions height: 45.5, weight: 45.5 (My kid is symmetrical!)

The three of us– J, Dr. K and I– talked about the benefits of Daytrana we were experiencing and  J’s skin irritation.  Dr. K said that Olive Oil will help with the skin irritation. We haven’t tried this yet because J likes the “blue lotion” (Bath and Body after sun with lidocaine) so I can’t say based of personal experience if it works.  I trust Dr. K with my kid and if he says it works it does.

Anyway– the EKG was no big deal (although the nurse had no sense of humor…) She put a bunch of stickers all over him and attached cables. (“I’m an Alien!”) He laid really still and she got the few seconds she need without any drama.  I showed him the printout of his heart going Ka-Thump, Ka-Thump and we decided that was pretty cool.

Dr. K said he’d call only if there was a problem but J didn’t show any signs of having issues.  YEAH!!

Our next stop was the library where he announced to Ms. Joyce the children’s librarian that he was an alien and just had a “Eeky.” She gave him a sticker.




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