Spring Break at the Smithsonian

15 05 2008

Earplugs, Cousins and Dinosaurs

J and Cousins on the Mall, Washington, DC, Spring 2008

J at the Smithsonian Castle, Spring, 2008

J and Kermit the Frog, Smithsonian, Spring 2008

J and his Cousins at The Smithsonian Musuem of Natural History, Spring 2008

I am so behind with my blog!  But here you have a few pictures from our spring break in Washington, DC and Maryland. I haven’t gotten the video done yet… Shame on Me!! But, we really had a great time! We went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History three times and saw the Dinosaur IMAX movie each time– J loved it! There were a few things that made these excursions a success– we had earplugs, went at his pace and the museum is designed so that anything that is touch-able is ok to touch. It’s a great place!! J did a lot of reading and learned a lot about Mammals and Dinosaurs. He had no interest in several sections so we didn’t linger there– like butterflies and birds– those freak him out…

We did go see Kermit the Frog twice at the temporary exhibit at Air and Space. (American History, where Kermit usually lives, is closed for remodeling). J loves Kermit! We also saw R2-D2 and C3-PO (J calls him CPA! HA!!) The place was crowded… there were lines and J did great anyway. 

My goal is for J to have a full life with lots of experiences and memories. The fact that he has autism (not the other way around!) is not a deterrent– it’s a factor.  I carry earplugs, snacks, an extra t-shirt in case he gets it wet (that’s a BAD thing!) and he carries a “guy” or two. We go at his pace and there is some negotiation– first we go see the dinosaurs then Mom wants to see the Hope Diamond, then we’ll get pizza.

We build in alone time for J whenever we travel. We make sure he has a ton of his comfort things– favorite shoes, jammies, toys and always– a DVD player with headphones. We carry extra clothes and an umbrella. Autism doesn’t limit what we do– it only affects how we do it.

The kids in the photos with J are my sister’s kids.

(My apologies for being silent so long, Darcy!!)





One response

16 05 2008

I’m so glad you are back! Sounds like a fun trip, and the pics are great. Glad it went well.

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