A Follow Up on Daytrana

15 05 2008

Daytrana is a wonder-drug! We love it!! But– there are a few side effects that we are dealing with so I want to share the little tricks we’ve discovered to make the side effects less horrid.


J is hypo-sensitive which basically means that he doesn’t feel pain– or pleasure– as acutely as most people. This isn’t all bad but has to be watched. Anyway, J’s skin gets really red and irritated with the Daytrana Patch.  We apply Bath and Body Works “Put it on Ice” which is a pain relieving cooling gel with Lidocaine immediately after pulling the patch off. It cools it and deadens the pain.  I assume that any post sun lidocaine lotion/gel would work we just had this at home already.  FYI– the first aid creme we tried first didn’t work. 


J is a skinny little guy. He eats white food and with Daytrana has been eating less of it.  Fortunately, Daytrana is out of his system within 3 hours of the patch removal. So, we take the patch off as soon as he gets home from school and have moved dinner to 7:30.  I am encouraging snacking all evening also.  We had been dealing with practically no eating at dinner and snacking starting close to bedtime so this works really well for us.

We ran an experiment along with J’s teachers and therapists– one week with Daytrana, the next week without.  On day two of no Daytrana, his teacher called and pleaded that we quit the experiment.  She saw so much difference in him!

Daytrana is a God Send.  J is doing so well in school and actually has two friends now– Moms are coordinating everything but the kids are doing so much better at interacting without too much prompting. So, we love Daytrana and feel that the side effects are manageable– well worth it.




One response

21 05 2008

Wow!! That sounds like a miracle drug for you guys!! Well, it would be a miracle if it wasn’t for the side effects but ya know.

Guess ya gotta take the bad with the good. J is a real trooper about it and does get days off to heal his sore bottom… it really is helping him so, thank goodness he’s hyposensitive!

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