I Haven’t Been To Walmart in a Month

10 03 2008

Ok… let me be honest- my husband has been to Walmart for batteries and dog food. I drive 40 minutes into the countryside to an Amish Bulk Food Store and, even with the price of gas at three times what it was when Bush took office, I’ve cut our weekly grocery bill down to only $80– and we are eating better than we have in our entire married life!

It took a little cash to get my pantry set up– three boxes of canning jars and a roll of labeling tape but it’s all set to go– looks great!

One nice thing about being a stay at home mom is that I have time to cook from scratch– that also saves money and the food is healthier! Tastes pretty good too!

I know that not everyone has a Bulk Food Store close by but there are lots of ways to improve the quality of your family’s meals as well as reduce the cost. Making food from scratch is actually kind of fun! I’m enjoying being creative– it works out well about 2/3 of the time… the peaches with pork wasn’t all that– edible but not (by any stretch) tasty!

Anyway, I do believe that Walmart is bad for our communities and I’m really proud that my family isn’t shopping there much anymore.  Also I believe that when it’s important– really important– it is possible to have a stay at home parent…

I can’t wait to get started on my organic vegetable garden!




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