J’s First Play Date; Autism and Friendship

18 02 2008

J had his first non-family play date today! He wanted A to come over for a pajama party but we decided that a play date would be best for the first time.

My little guy was such a great host! He shared his toys, he shared his snacks, he even let A pick the movie– they watched Minnesota Cuke (Veggie Tales) all the way through without J pitching a fit for the remote. And, he sat quietly starring at the new play doh and didn’t open then until A got here!

A wants to have a sleep over so his mom and I decided we should have a pajama party and see what happens at bed time. J has only stayed over with family and he usually climbs in bed with my parents in the middle of the night so I’m not sure how he would do at someone else’s house… but, based on his behavior today– I think he’d be OK to have A stay here overnight.

It’s interesting– These two little guys are very different despite both being diagnosed with Autism. A is more verbal– J has better motor skills; A is more social– J is farther along academicly.  I think they’re good for each other.

Friendship is hard enough to define for “regular” kids… someone you like to play with, someone who you share with, someone you trust.  It’s pretty vague… J’s friends are his dogs, his cousin S and his stuffed animals/vegetables/people. I hope he will be able to develop real people friends for life. For now though, he’s made the first step.




One response

18 02 2008


Just wanted to tell you that I loved your entry on J and friendship!

My best,

Thanks, Irene! He really had such a great time!

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