Parent Teacher Conference

16 02 2008

Well… we survived the latest Parent Teacher Conference. Academically J is at about 3rd grade although he’s in the 1st. Yeah! That’s my boy!  Socially… not so good.  He’s still having trouble interacting, staying on task and still has some outbursts although these are much farther apart than they have been.

His teacher said that he is almost ready to be mainstreamed but in a “regular class” the teacher won’t be able to keep drawing him in; getting his attention. She asked if I had taken J to a neurologist… no. Not since early in his diagnosis.

J’s teacher can’t diagnose for obvious reasons but, I find that she ends up not giving me helpful information because of these rules… Anyway, I blurted out– “Do you think he has ADHD?” She gave me the “statistically a lot of kids with Autism have ADHD” so it’s a possibility.

Long story short: J is going to be screened for ADHD on March 6th.

I love his teacher! The woman is worth her weight in gold! (And she’s no skinny minnie…) He had her in pre-school and we saw really great progress in him! She loves him and he loves her. She is wonderfully creative and interested in his progress.  But, she is tied to rules. Lots of rules. She can’t tell me outright what I need to do to help my child and that’s frustrating.

On one hand I understand but on the other hand couldn’t I sign a “I won’t sue you or report you” form and let her speak freely?

I want J to function as a productive, self reliant member of society so, if he has ADHD we’ll do what we need to do to get that under control. My understanding is that medication is effective and the only real treatment.

If you read “J is sick” a week ago you’ll understand that I have real concerns about getting him to take anything. I don’t think there is a patch or taste-less version… ‘Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. (Any advice?)

On the more positive side of the conference– J is reading at a third grade level! Yeah! We’re reading a chapter book together– his first one ever!! Junie B. Jones and the Sneaky Peaky Spying by Barbara Parks is such a cute book but, I can’t wait until we’re ready for Captain Underpants! That’s literature!




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16 02 2008

*grin* Captain Underpants is the only think my son would read for like two years. He’s a hero in my book!

Oh Yeah! I’m gonna love those books– the art work alone makes them classics! 🙂

16 02 2008
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[…] unknownReally interesting read I found today:I want J to function as a productive, self reliant member of society so, if he has ADHD we’ll do what we need to do to get that under control. My understanding is that medication is effective and the only real treatment. … […]

16 02 2008

Isn’t it great when there’s a great teacher on board? I’m so glad you have that person in J’s life. I know what you mean about asking her to speak freely. You KNOW they have more to say but can’t figure out how to say it without getting themselves in trouble.

On the treatment of ADHD – you are right that medication is often given and often works, but would urge you to **try** (if you haven’t already) taking food dyes and additives completely out of his diet – it might make a surprising difference if you can pull it off. I know he restricts himself so that might not work. But if you google food and ADHD you should come up with all sorts of interesting tidbits of information.

Anyway, I’ll be interested to hear about the screening – I know we’re headed that way with C too. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring it up for years and know it’s just a matter of time. Good luck!


Thanks, D! I didn’t realize that there could be a food link with ADHD– Wow! His “white food” diet pretty much eliminates food dyes and I’ve started doing most things from scratch (‘love this stay home mom gig!) so I guess we’re transitioning there already but, I’ll do some research and see what to try! Thanks for the tip!

The thing that makes me suspect ADHD is that it’s so hard to get his attention and then retain it. He’s doing better with transitions but is still pretty awful about sticking with anything that takes more than 5 minutes– ‘Got him to read 2 chapters last night! Victory!! I’m trying not to hope too much that getting ADHD under control will make the difference but– like you– I’m not going to accept that this is as good as it gets! (By the way– his first “from school friend” is coming over on Monday! YEAH!!!)

Thanks again D– I’ll do some research!

17 02 2008

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Thanks, Mabel. Enlightning: is that a positive? I’ll check out the website.

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