Dad’s Not Dead

16 02 2008

Jay’s Dad is sick.  He’s running a fever and has been a grumpy, needy, lump all day. I sent J upstairs to check on him and when J got back he said “Dad’s sick but he’s not dead.”

We haven’t had to deal with the death of a person since J was 2 and his paternal grandfather died. But, we’ve had a couple of pet deaths over the years.  The most significant to J was when Millie died last summer. She was an old Beagle Lady and died in her sleep. She was very tolerant of J and I don’t think she ever growled at him. 

A few days ago, J and I were out on a “date” and I was trying to get him to have a give and take conversation with me so I talked about our dogs– Ernie and Koda. (Both named by J– can you guess what show/movie he was into when these guys came to live with us?) J had told me about their colors and sizes when he told me that Ernie was sad. I asked why and he said that Ernie’s girlfriend was dead. “Dead is when you never come back” That’s J’s definition.

I hope it’s a long time before we have to deal with another death. I’m glad “Dad’s not dead.”




One response

16 02 2008

Are our boys long lost twins? That sounds just like something C would say. I actually have a post in the que (that I can’t get just right!) about death and dying and C’s take on it all.

Very cute. Sometimes they just leave it all on the table, don’t they? 🙂

I’ve thought that about some of your posts! They really do seem to think alike!! Very Funny!!

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