A Letter to Hillary Clinton

10 02 2008

My husband wrote this letter to Mrs. Clinton– thought I’d share.

I’m 47 and a undecided indpendent from the state of Ohio.  and now more than ever before in my life time I’m embarrassed to be an “American”.

I use to believe that my country’s military stood for defending freedom whatever the choosen political system of an independent sovereign nation. A navie narrative I freely admit, however we ave never been invaders, using freedom to mask overt corporate greed.

Likewise, we use to be a nation that prided itself in it’s mental ability to overcome obstacles, no matter the enormity of the task confronting the public. In our lifetime we have sticken down the epidemic illnesses of Polio and Chicken Pox. Yet today we as a nation have turned our backs on the Austism epidemic.

Hillary is on public record as to comitting to find the cause of Austism. As a parent of a high functioning Austic 8 year old I find this to be little more than campign banter.

How exactly is she planning on helping the Austic Community?
It’s no longer just a matter of finding the cause of the problem, how will she empower those of us who grapple with day-to-day struggles? Ever have to deal with an openly hostile insurance industry after dealing with day after day of chaos that often includes head banging?  How will my little boy learn to adapt in school? Private Austic school tuitions run anywhere from $20,000 – $40,000 annualy. How will he and other like him survive after I’m dead…..in a Walter Reed institution or worse?

I want specific answers….there’s no problem as Americans we can’t solve. It starts with an open and honest dialogue.

My wife and I  invite you to our home to discuss this matter of national importance with other Austic parents.

Show us how and why we can once again take pride in America and your potential to lead.

Thank you.

I’ve still not decided who to vote for and, frankly am not pro-Clinton…




2 responses

10 02 2008

I can’t begin to grasp what it must be like for you as a parent of an autistic child. it’s hard enough to raise a child without autism in this day and age. But I urge you to think for a minute what other politician has done anything about autism? Hillary won’t have all the answers but with her help, we can begin to learn more about autism hopefully enogh to find out what causes it and how to circumvent its effects.

10 02 2008

As a nurse, I understand what Autism is. It is very complex just as all the problems facing our country right now. Hillary will not be able to “fix” all the things she said she will fix because there is not enough time in the day to do this and the wheels of progress are slow. Discriminating voters get this; those who are really in the depths of despair hear her promise a quick fix and believe it in their desperation.

She panders to interest groups on the campaign trail with promises she will never follow through on which is the old political paradigm.

The new paradigm is we need to work for ourselves. Obama’s message resonates with so many because he does not promise quick fixes; he tells us we ALL need to work hard, together, pulling in the same direction. We need to back up his hopeful message with our own hard work in concert with ithers.

It would be a testament to your heartfelt request if she came to your kitchen table. But even she did, I would not put a lot of stock in her empty promises.

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