Super Tuesday: Ohio Doesn’t Vote For Another Month

5 02 2008

I’m  encouraged that the races are so close because there is still the hope that my vote will matter.  By the time Primaries come to Ohio the field has narrowed significantly… will Huckabee and Paul still be hanging on in a month? Will McCain have shot himself in the foot? Will the Obama vs. Billary fued have boiled over or cooled?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens today– and, how far off the pundits are! Funny– last night I watched MSNBC for a little while and Abrams was actually making fun of himself being so far off in the last round… I don’t like his style– too abrasive and opinionated– but, I appreciate his ability to mock himself.

Ohio has an open Primary– you go to the polling place and get to ask for whichever ballot you want– Republican or Democratic. Independent only has issues.  I’m so proud of my parents who have been die hard party loyalists are now looking at all candidates and are planning to vote on the other ticket! I feel fortunate to live in a State that allows voters to do this… it’s just too bad that Ohio doesn’t hold Primaries sooner.

So it’s up to you. Please make the effort to vote if you are in one of the States that holds primaries or caucuses today. It does matter. I’m counting on you to narrow the field.




One response

5 02 2008

We definitely need to fix our primary system. It’s frustrating that a few states get to narrow the field before the rest of us even get to vote. Of course, I’m in a state that’s voting today, but given I’m voting Dem, the choices have been narrowed significantly. My husband, who is also registered Dem, would probably really like to vote for McCain – and probably will in the general election if he’s the candidate. I think this will be an interesting year with lots of people voting on the other side of their registration, which is pretty cool.

Sounds like we’re going to have to work on your husband! 🙂 LOL!

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