Walmart Cashiers Hate Canvas Bags

4 02 2008

Want to irritate your local Walmart’s cashiers? Save the planet!

I don’t like Walmart. I don’t know very many people who do but there aren’t many other options in our town and their prices really are the best… I also find myself in a catch-22 while wanting to cut back on drive time and fuel they are the best option for one-stop-shopping… (I know– they have too many imports so I’m actually contributing to the Chinese economy…)

The last two times I’ve been to “Wally World” the cashiers have been down-right rude about my canvas bags.  The first time I said “I’m sorry that my efforts to save the planet inconvenience you but, when it takes 1/2 gallon of oil to make one of your bags and there are 14 million of them going into landfills every year, I am going to use canvas.”  The second time the lady told me outright that she hates the canvas bags because they back things up– “besides” she says, “a couple of bags aren’t going to make any difference” OMG!! I started to go on about how her grandchildren could blame her for not doing anything to save the planet but mine aren’t going to be able to do it but stopped myself and just told her that if only 25% of American households bypassed 10 bags a year it would make a huge difference.

Thing is that people like that– who don’t do anything and have the gall to criticize those of us who at least make an effort– are the problem.  I’m not optimistic enough to think that everybody will change out their light-bulbs and use canvas instead of plastic but it’s really not hard to do… You can get nice sized canvas bags at any craft store for just a few dollars each…  I keep a few in the car and a few by the back door so that I always have something to use.

If you want to irritate Walmart cashiers: Take Canvas Bags!




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4 02 2008

Me too! I bought two big bags at IKEA. They hold a whole lot of groceries! No more plastic! 🙂

Way to go!! You are a “Sister”!

5 02 2008

Oiy, that frustrates me – the attitude of the cashier. In my opinion, that signifies everything that is wrong with Walmart. That being said, I’ve lived in a town where it’s all we had as well, and sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. But keep taking those bags – you go, girl!

Thanks, Darcy! Walmart is wicked on so many levels… If I did more cooking from scratch I could do my shopping at the Amish bulk food stores that are fairly close… I’ll get there by summer.

7 02 2008

You have the right to do what you feel is best. It’s part of being an American. The next time they diss your canvas bags…ask to speak to the manager. They have no right to judge you. They are getting paid whether you use plastic or canvas.

Yeah! My sentiments exactly! Whatever happened to the customer always being right?

13 02 2008

The cashiers at the walmarts here in Charleston are slow as molassas anyway…when I bag my own groceries in my own canvas bags, I am ten times faster than they are. I got the ‘LOOK’ this weekend when I told the cashier that I would bag my own in my bags after standing in her line behind 3 people for 35!!! minutes. She actually said “are you sure?” TWICE to me. And then, she refused to put my items on the flat top of the spinning bag rack and insisted on handing me each item as she scanned them. Lucky for me, she was a slowpoke…heh heheh!

Holy Cow! My Walmart isn’t that slow– they’re just rude about it! You go, Girl! Keep up the planet saving– one bag at a time!

9 04 2008

I’m a cashier at walmart and a college student. I too use the canvas bags which they are putting a loop on so we can use them on the current system. At first it took some getting used to, now they are easy. The trick is to put something like a box of cereal in first to help it stand up than its a breeze from there. I’m not rude about it but I see their reaction when they tell me they have bags. Than I see the relief that I’m not mad at them and actually encourage the bags. From my experience they hold about 3 bags and are easy to carry, don’t tear, and best of all save some plastic. Besides they should encourage the bags because each bag costs walmart and most of all the environment. Yeah it save 3-5 bags per trip or more but if we all did this it would be huge. But of course we all want to complain about high gas prices but don’t want to conserve or alter our behavior. Personally I apologize for them treating you this way.

16 09 2008

Im a cashier at Wal-Mart, and a student in college. I personally like the bags. Im actually writing an essay for my english class about how customers should use these eco-friendly bags to help our enviroment. Very sorry about the rude cashiers. But theyre everywhere..

25 09 2008

I’m a cashier at walmart as well, and they aren’t so bad. I support them, if everyone else who shopped took the time to be understanding about the situation then it would help. I think some of the cashiers probably become rude about it because usually anything that holds the line up will get the next people to be rude to the cashiers even if it wasn’t their fault. While that’s no excuse to take it out on you when you’re doing a good thing, that is the reason I believe they do it. I don’t really mind those getting angry though, people can get mad about it but atleast I know its a poor reason to be angry and they’re the ones who are applying extra stress on themselves getting mad over it.

8 03 2009

I am a cashier at Walmart and I think it is great when people use the bags. I use the canvas bags myself when I shop. Customers should however, if they can, help by putting bags into their carts after they are filled or help fill some of the bags themselves, if they don’t mind. The bags do reduce the cashier speed time. Cashiers are evaluated based on how fast they get customers in and out. The register records the average items bagged within a time period, so the clock is ticking. The cashiers should not be lazy and work, but it would be proper etiquette for the customer to help a bit to not drag down the cashier’s handling time.

Oh and checks take forever and are electronically converted anyway, so we prefer debit cards or credit cards to get people through the line quicker. If you have to use a check, we will fill it out for you and save you the 15 minutes. Also, please don’t try to bring 300 items into a 20 items or less lane…its just plain rude. Hope I’ve made ya laugh.

19 05 2009

What were the greenies hauling their canvas bags around in? Can you spell suv?
I applaud the canvas bags, but I prefer the plastic.I think it’s better to pick up after my dog .But that is another blog.

3 06 2009

im a cashier a walmart also. i love the reusable bags. i HATE when people steal reams of plastic bags or triple bag something like bread! wtf! we are always running out off bags at my store because of these bag thiefs. what do they need all those bags for? this is why cashiers here prefer the canvas bags. if the cashier is rude its probably because she has stand there for 8 hours a day.

1 08 2009

I’m a walmart cashier. I too don’t mind using them, at all. I’ve done several orders witch were large, all in canvas bags. I think its awesome that people do that. It does slow things up, but hey, we got all the time in the world, right? Whats a few extra mins to help the world out?

2 01 2010
christina t.

I’m a Wal-mart cashier for now a year. I’m also a Girl Scout leader.
I perfer the reusable bags. They are easier to fill. I ask do you mind if I fill the bags? Then I load them up. I have loyal customers who come to me because of the reuseable bags.

so don’t give up use the bags just don’t go too the old ,,,, the old ladies . it is hard for them.

1 04 2010

I shop at wal mart, they give me weird looks because I dont use any bags. I just walk in, and once my arms are full, I am done. Then I carry it all out to my car, not because I am a huge green person, but because I find it cheaper, to limit my shopping to what i can carry.
ALSOm regaurdless of how rude wal mart employees are, Target KICKED OUT THE BELL RINGERS! Regaurdless of the bell ringers being back, I can’t bring myself to shop there.

4 10 2010

I am a Walmart cashier and I don’t mind using reusable bags. I do however get annoyed when they announce “I’ve got bags” after I’ve bagged 2 or 3 bags already. They pile all of their items on top of their bags, and they are the last item to come out of the cart. I reply, “can you pass them to me?” because there is literally no where for me to place the scanned items unless they go in a bag. I also do not re-bag any items into their bags after I’ve taken the time to carefully arrange them. I put them aside, and start with their bags after they’ve given them to me. What am I, a mind reader?

30 12 2011

I am a new cashier at WalMart, I have a problem with people who bring in dirty, smelly bags covered in pet hair. If they bring in bags in that condition, they should bag them themselves.

1 05 2014
Lady Saver

The problem is not the bag itself or that it takes too much time. The problem is that 75% of people who use canvas bags DO NoT clean them. I would not want to touch that if i was a cashier either! I have seen plenty of people with dirty canvas bags and i have looked at the cashiers as they try to hurridly put on some plastic gloves to protect themselves from the filth. I often wonder how people have the gall to put clean groceries on bags full of dog hair, dried gum, and full of dirt.

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