Snow Day

1 02 2008

Not that it’s uncommon in this part of the world but I was going to paint the dining room today… J loves to help paint and I don’t think the wood floors would appreciate his help as much as I do.

J, like so many people with Autism has some sensory quirks, doesn’t like playing in the snow because he gets wet… wet is bad. Which doesn’t make much sense to me– he loves “boy bath” and is a great swimmer but he can’t stand for his clothes to be wet. In the summer he plays with the hose and is my number one helper when it comes to watering plants.  There seems to be a clear distinction between “clothes” and swimming trunks.

A couple of days ago we had dinner at my parent’s house and he spilled milk on himself so he immediately stripped to his underwear, socks and shoes.  I know better but hadn’t brought spare clothes with us so he borrowed one of my dad’s undershirts– VERY FUNNY– I should have taken a picture!

So, playing in the snow isn’t an option. We’ve taken him sledding a few times and he liked the first run down the hill and then been done. I guess we’ll bake cookies and dog biscuits today.  He likes to cut them out and likes to eat the icing– the cookies end up in our Beagle’s belly…

I downloaded a bunch of reading comprehension worksheets from so we’ll do some of those too and continue working on money– counting by 5, 10, 25 etc.

Isn’t it funny– being J’s Mom is my job. I quit my career to do it full time and now his being home for the day is cramping my style… Maybe I should feel guilty but, I don’t. Maybe his need for routine is rubbing off on me.




One response

1 02 2008

Ack! Yes! We have had that instant strip to the underwear in more places than I can count! *covers eyes* Only in the last six months have we realized that we will actually dry off with the clever use of a towel or napkin. I feel for you.

The hard part is choking back the giggles! 🙂

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