Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Birthday Cake

18 01 2008

By request– here is the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Veggie Tales Birthday Cake I made for J’s 8th Birthday:

Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Birthday Cake          Birthday Cake Veggie Tales Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

Lots of pictures of pirate cakes are available– many with pointers on how to do it at http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/kid-cakes.html




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18 01 2008

Holy cow! I am seriously impressed! That is incredible! I think you can quit your day job and go into the cake business. 🙂

29 05 2008

Where did you get supplies that dont have the skull and crossbones on it?

Actually, I made the cake parts out of fondant– it’s just like working with playdoh so it’s pretty easy and kind of fun! The plates and cups, etc. came from a party outlet store and represent parts of a ship. I know there are Veggie Tales plates, etc available for purchase but we didn’t go that route. The characters are from the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything playset– got that on EBay.

Have fun making your cake!!

14 03 2009

Wow! I just ran across this when I Googled “Pirate cake”. This is fantastic! You should be so proud!

17 11 2010
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25 05 2013
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Glad you found it helpful! What’s the subject you’re researching? This blog is all over the place and I really haven’t kept it up… but please feel free to use whatever is useful.

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