Grandparents and Autism– “You’re old”

16 01 2008

My little guy is a great reader and his grandma is a great listener. A couple of nights ago J was reading her a story when he paused, took grandma’s hand in his, studied it and said “You’re old.” He pointed out her wrinkles and looked up at her face. She showed him her “old age spots” and compared his 8 year old hand to hers. She has wrinkles, he doesn’t. She has spots, he doesn’t.

J loves his grandmother and she loves him. And, as J tells me so often: “And that’s all that really matters.”




One response

16 01 2008

Don’t you just love their insights sometimes? And frankly, their bluntness as well???

Left you a message over on my blog, but have to tell you I’ve got you bookmarked as well. LOVE your perspective on things!


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