Hey! Candidates– watch this before you finalize your healthcare plans!

12 01 2008





One response

23 01 2008
Mariann Smith

This is a very serious problem that faces our nations newborn children and it needs to be addressed. The healthcare system we have now isn’t covering these autistic children that are being born and diagnosed. How can you, in good conscious, think that passing the National Healthcare, in place of the insurances we have already, will be any better. It doesn’t work in Canada or England, so why do you feel it will work in the United States of America.? People of other countries come to our nation for the medical help that their medical system can’t provide for them. We have the best medical care in the world, but there is room for improvement also. We need to start putting more money into research for autism so that this disease will have a cure in the near future, and our children will have a decent chance to grow and have a normal life in this world.

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