Vaccines and Autism

8 01 2008

I wouldn’t change him– but wish I hadn’t oked vaccinationsCNN is running a story today that questions the link between Thimerasol in vaccines and Autism. The following link is the only thing I could find from them and it’s 4 years old:

 My son has Autism. He had the shots before I knew any better and I regret it… Regardless of whether a cause/effect is ever proven or disproven I wouldn’t take the chance if I had a do-over. The odds that an American Child will get one of the life threatening diseases that these vaccines protect against is so small that the risk is worth it in my view.

I will not vote for any candidate in this Presidential race that is in favor on mandating vaccines. My son will never have another vaccine with Thimerasol despite it being too late to avoid Autism.  It is your right as a parent to see the ingredient list in anything that will be given to your child. Find out if there are any Mercury derivitives and reject it if there are.

Autism isn’t devistating. It’s a challenge that I wish we didn’t have to deal with but he is wonderful just as he is.



One response

4 10 2008
WG Whitney

Parents of children with autism should be aware that some naturopathic doctors have had success reversing the symptoms. I am talking about licensed doctors who went through a complete 5 year training after obtaining a BSc degree, not quacks.

Apparently the doctors can stimulate the immune system with chemicals or use chelation or both to get the autism to reverse itself. It is not always successful according to my source. But for some kids it does work.


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