What happened to Richardson?

4 01 2008

I was really disappointed in Richardson who I have supported until now.  The media started reporting yesterday afternoon that he had made a deal with Obama.  I don’t really blame Obama for asking Richardson to give away his votes if it turned out that he wasn’t able to reach the needed 15%. That’s smart business. I do fault Richardson for going along with it. Dodd had the right idea– don’t speak for your supporters. You can’t ask someone to vote for you then commit them to another candidate.

In a shift from what I usually write– I have to say that I was really impressed by Edwards post 2nd place acknowledgement speech in Iowa last night. He talked about real people and their real problems. He talked about ending the influence of big business and bringing the US back to a place where “The American Dream” become a reality. He was passionate, articulate and intelligent. I like what he’s saying about the Economy and need to research what he’ll do for Autistic folks and their families before I switch over.  Still haven’t been able to find anything about Autism in relation to Edwards.

Huckabee seems like a really great guy. I know a member of his senior staff and she is a really smart woman so I can’t imagine she would sign on if Huckabee weren’t who he claims to be. My concern is with his fact checking. It bothers me that he crossed the writer’s picket line– so did Hillary for all practical purposes. I don’t think Huckabee is a viable candidate in most of the country.  He’ll do well with conservative Christians but not with moderates, or socially liberal Christians. I do believe he is the real deal– he is a genuine christian in the sense that he practices what he preaches– he has a real relationship with God. I applaud him for his genuine-ness– I just don’t believe he has what it takes to make it as the next president.

Right now I’m not sure where I’ll go but, Richardson lost my support. 




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