Pirates, Sumo Wrestlers and a million DVDs!

2 01 2008

With J I have to put aside my preconceived notions about so many thing– Christmas morning is one of them. 

At our house Christmas morning is different from what I remember as a kid. My sister and I used to wake up really early, jump in bed with my parents to wake them up and it was crazy fun! Loud, laughing, messy and Fantastic! At my house it’s nothing like that– we wait for J to wake up until we’ve had several cups of coffee, my hair is done and makeup on, dogs walked and our day begun… when I can’t stand it anymore, my husband and Ernie the Beagle head up to haul the kid out of bed. 

J enjoys every gift he opens. He watches the DVDs, plays with every toy and even tries on the new clothes,.  It’s a long process and such a joy to see him enjoy his gifts.  I have to fight with myself not to rush him and hope he’ll get them all open before my parents arrive for brunch.

I’m really glad he appreciates everything he receives and am very thankful that he is an only child. His idiosyncrasies would drive another child crazy! On the other hand he might be helped by another kid around pushing him out of his own universe regularly.

Back to Christmas: This year he got a Veggie Tales Pirates ship and he’s barely put it down since Christmas morning! Veggie Tales have been so good for him.  I don’t think he “gets” Sunday School although our pastor has been wonderful about having a class just for him with picture cards used for the story.

Christmas and birthday come right on top of each other at our house– J’s birthday is January 1 so we rush to take down the Christmas decorations, thin out last year’s toys and prep for birthday.  Because school is out we usually just have grandparents over and have a small party for him– cupcakes for his class when they get back to school later in the week.

I’m so proud that this year I got it right.  His birthday cake was a 3-D Pirate Ship– and we gave him a digital camera. He’s a budding director and we committed that we would support whatever his interests and develop his talents.  I’ve been working with him on flash, zoom and composition. He’s got a good eye for layout and just needs a little technical support.

You’ve all heard that Autistic kids have focused talents– I’m not talking about Rainman– it’s not like that in real life, although J has an amazing memory and a real knack for speed counting. He has some musical talent but isn’t interested in learning the technical aspects of it, he does voices– Alvin and the Chipmunks, Larry the Cucumber and Chowder among others so we never have a dull moment– the trick is guessing the context if we’ve missed the episode!   He talks in movie quotes and is really good at fitting what he says to the situation. Pretty funny most of the time.

Anyway, I’ve committed to writing my blog at least twice times a week this year, loosing 15lbs, teaching J to edit video, joining something– PTO or the County Historical Society and doing yoga twice a week.  I’ll volunteer for a political campaign if Richardson is on the ballot. I’m really excited about his plans for improving education! I love being a mom and love being at home to really do the “mom thing.” I’m thankful for a supportive husband…

Happy New Year!




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4 01 2008

I hear what you’re saying about movie quotes. I’ts only recently I’ve realized that my daughter with autism uses quotes from movie and tv on purpose– she has a very hard time with language, so she borrows quotes and uses them in place of her own words. We can tell she does this because she doesn’t spout random quotes, like her brothers, but she uses the one that is appropriate for the situation. Now, if that’s not an interesting talent and a useful one…. Definitely not Rain Man. Definitely. Definitely not. 🙂


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