Fixations and small blessings

11 12 2007

I know that it’s typical for kids with PDD to fixate.  J is stuck on Monsters, Inc.  While the movie is really great– and, I used to love it… There are scenes that now make my skin crawl.  How many times can you watch the same part?

J listens to a couple of scenes over and over again. It’s “normal” for him to do this– but, I can’t help wishing that he would watch the movie all the way through from beginning to end– just once without me having to hide the remote… and even then, he leaves the room and doesn’t watch it.

My husband is very creative– he comes up with these really funky things that work with J. They have this pretend knob that they turn and J moves on. When J fixates on a movie scene and says the line more than twice, my husband reaches over and “turns off” the movie on J’s forehead.   It’s pretty funny.

This isn’t supposed to be belly aching but it probably comes across as such. There are so many great things about J– and his idiosyncrasies.  The kid can read! He’s seven and is reading at a 3rd grade level. He has an iron trap of a memory and has a very angelic voice so the “12 days of Christmas” is a real pleasure to listen to when he’s doing the singing– he gets all the words without stumbling– I can’t do that!

There are so many “normal times” that I feel blessed just to be J’s mom and other times that I question if I can really handle this.   J is our only child– not by choice but, it’s for the best. He gets a lot more than the 20 hours of “mandatory” 1 on 1 time that Temple Grandin recommends and I believe it’s helping him. Frankly, we are making sacrifices to give him that time.  For J’s whole life one of us has been home with him.  It’s my turn again and I’m going a little crazy. So, I’ve opened a store on Cafe Press (, I’m cleaning closets and selling stuff on Ebay and I’ve painted three rooms in the two months I’ve been home.

Let me back track a little– I absolutely hated my job and the money wasn’t all that– for the amount of time I worked the pay came to less than minimum wage, and oh! the stress!  Anyway, I quit about six weeks ago and I’m so much happier! It’s probably conceited of me but, I believe it’s good for J.  We don’t really do that much. But, we stay in a routine– and that’s important for him.

There was a comment from “FragileWhat?” in reference to my last post saying that his/her child has swallowed all of his/her teeth before FragileWhat? had the chance to see it.  I hadn’t thought about that little thing– playing tooth fairy– as a blessing.  Thank you, FragileWhat? for helping me see this as a positive.  Simple things are more complicated with a special kid.




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